Eurovision 2014

Israel Entry Selected for Eurovision 2014

Mei Finegold - "Same Heart". Photo : YouTube

Mei Finegold – “Same Heart”. Photo : YouTube

Israel this evening have selected the song that Mei Finegold will perform at Eurovision 2014. In a public vote that lasted several days the song that the public selected was “Same Heart”

“Same heart” is written by Rami Talmid and could be described as a pop/rock song.

Here is the video that will accompany the song.

Do you think Israel will qualify for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014?



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : IBA

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  1. I love the musical introduction of this song that goes then growing and growing further. For me it should be a top 5.

  2. This song sounds disjointed even the english seems to be squeezed in to fit the music. It might get through if she could super perform and they are in the 2nd SF so she might get lucky.

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