Eurovision 2014

UK Eurovision Song Presentation 19:25 (GMT) – Live Blog

#JoinUs For the UK Premier of their Eurovision 2014 Song. Photo :

#JoinUs For the UK Premier of their Eurovision 2014 Song. Photo :

The BBC will present Molly Smitten-Downes at 19:25 (GMT) on a Special Broadcast on the BBC’s Red Button Service. However you can also watch on-line HERE

We will have UK Eurovision Fan and Eurovision Ireland reporter John Stanton covering the show. We want to hear what all our readers think of Molly’s and the UK’s song. We especially want to hear what the UK fans think of both the show and the song.

Molly Smitten-Downes for Eurovision 2014 Representing the UK. Photo : Molly Smitten-Downes Facebook

Molly Smitten-Downes for Eurovision 2014 Representing the UK. Photo : Molly Smitten-Downes Facebook

This a departure for the BBC to select a singer that is just not announced and given 5 minutes on the “Graham Norton” and “The One Show”. Is this the start of a new era for the UK at Eurovision under the head of Guy Freeman at the BBC?

So after all the speculation, it’s finally been revealed that Molly Smitton-Downes will represent ‘Royaume-Uni’ at Eurovision.

As a UK fan, the last few years have been a bit tortured. We got in Lord Lloyd-Webber and the future seemed bright. Then we got Pete Waterman and the future soon darkened again. The BBC then took the decision to do the work for us. It’s worked elsewhere, so why not here. After all, you could argue that the United Kingdom produces some of the best singers and songwriters in the world, and with a pedigree like that there would be little to stop us from winning the contest every year.

The only drawback is that such is the reputation of the contest, only the very brave or very foolhardy are willing to try their luck. So we a boyband trying to relaunch their career. Then a guy whose heyday was the 1960s. then Bonnie Tyler. Still no luck.

So Molly Smitton-Downes is flying the flag this year. She was discovered by the BBC’s Dean Jackson. For those that don’t know, he broadcasts a show on East Midlands BBC local radio on a Saturday night from Nottingham. He must have some clout as his show ‘Beat on the Beeb’ has 86,500 Twitter followers. He’s discovered, amongst others, Jake Bugg. So maybe there’s hope for the UK after all.

The big reveal was recorded last night at studios in London.

So we have a slightly quirky looking singer with henna tattoos and a very distinctive voice. It ain’t a Schlagertastic floor filler, but it definitely has its charm. It’s anthemic and I think will suit the big stage and audience that she’ll be confronted with in Copenhagen. I think it could also potentially have that ‘Olsen Brothers’ moment. It certainly makes a difference when you’re singing a song you’re written yourself.

The show performed in front of a very friendly audience gave us a flavour of what to expect. I think the crowd in Copenhagen will like it. What do you think?

Give us your FIRST THOUGHTS on the song as you hear it. Vote in our poll.


Scott Mills is your host

Scott Mills. Photo : BBC Twitter

Scott Mills. Photo : BBC Twitter

Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think that ‘first night nerves’ showed at the start of the song but she really got into it by the end and she can really sing live! A big improvement on the last few years and given the right circumstances (plus the fact that this year’s standard of entries from everyone else so far is worse than 2013), it is definitely on for top 10, maybe our best since Jade in 2009?

    No entry has even remotely suggested ‘winner’ to me so far…so why not?

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