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LITHUANIA National Final Tonight – LIVE Rolling Blog at 20:00 CET – #JoinUs

Lithuanian Finalists. Photo : Wikipedia

Lithuanian Finalists. Photo : Wikipedia

Welcome to our LIVE Rolling Blog of the Lithuanian National Selection for Eurovision 2014. The show starts at 20:00 CET and you just have to refresh the page after each performance to get the views from Elaine Dove

There are 3 contestants remaining – Mia, Vilija and Vaidas. They will each be performing their version of the song “Attention”. Tonight will see their Eurovision 2014 Artist selected.


Ok then readers – for once we already know what song is going to represent Lithuania in Copenhagen for Eurovision 2014 but the question is what version and who will sing it? Will it be Mia? Will it be  Vilija Matačiūnaitė or will it be Vaidas Baumila? Sit back and lets find out………

And we start with all three giving a joint performance of last years winner “Teardrops.” Both girls in full length dresses – Mia in brilliant red and Vilija in maroon velour whilst Vaidas looked casual in white jeans and white shirt. A picky person would say the vocals were quite ropey in places but as I am not a picky person I shall say nice job, pleasant start to the show.

First up is a long interview with Mia whilst they show clips of her in past shows and during rehearsals. Then her performance of “Take a Look at me Now” – she is sat on the piano whilst singing this beautiful haunting ballad. She cuts a striking figure in brilliant red against the dry ice billowing over the floor. Following in the footsteps of many a boyband, she stands up at the key change and as the song builds, so does her dramatic performance and I loved it. Great start – that girl can sing.

Next up is an interview with Vaidas as we get the chance to look over past clips of him from previous weeks. If I am honest i could gaze at videos of him all day – I think they call it “easy on the eye” – or as I would say Phwoarrrrrr!!! He then gave us his version of “Ordinary People” A very challenging song but Vaidas sings it with easy. Great vocal and what a package!!!! – obviously i mean the looks, the voice the charisma 😉

Now it’s the turn of Vilija with her interview and previous video clips. She was announced and then we sat and watched an empty stage, then the camera scanned and did some frantic audience shots – i think this is what we call a technical hitch. After a “seamless” link read out by one of the hosts we were eventually given the gift of Vilija’s VT. She is singing “I was here” and has changed into a long white fishtail dress. She is very pitchy unfortunately and being carried by her backing singers. She sounds very breathy and needs to use her chest voice to give the song more impact. In my opinion this was the poorest of the 3 performances.

We were then given an interval  performance from Monika of All About The Boy – a swing number and she gave a great performance in a short, gold, floaty dress. We then went along the panel for opinions as to who was their favourite so far. A variety of answers were given as was to be expected – i feel there may be a big fence behind that judging panel desk.

Jings there are more advert breaks in this that there are on Dancing on Ice – i should go on to say there are other reality shows on the same level as Dancing on Ice and Eurovision Ireland is NOT promoting one over the other – we are impartial!!!

Mia is first up to perform “Attention” the chosen song for Copenhagen 2014. She gives this a rocky edge dressed in black flared trouser suit and the red light background adds the drama. She had 3 backing dancers all dressed like James Bond which do not add much to the performance for me. It’s a good song though and more modern that the last few offerings from Lithuania – will be interesting to hear the other versions

Next up with his own version of the song is Vaidas – now he gives this a Rat Pack swing vibe. I have to try to be impartial here as he is seriously eye-catching. I like his version of the song but it makes it sound much more dated. If you like a jazz, bluesy vibe to your music then this is the version for you. It pains me to say it but I think I would choose Mia over Vaidas on this performance – but if he feels the need to come over here and persuade m differently then he is welcome 😉

Vilija is last up with her performance of “attention” and she keeps with the origional style that Mia went with. Unfortunately she cannot perform this as well as Mia. She gives it everything she has and does not hold back but her vocal range is not as good and her vocal is patchy in places. Definite tuning problems for Vilija but a good performance none-the-less.

Who will the voters choose?????

Sebalter – winner of the Swiss National Final gave a performance of his song – Hunter of Stars – great song that I will be whistling for the rest of the night

Oh no I won’t – i have been distracted by the Lithuanian Housewives version of Edge of Glory!!!!


Ok well I may as well remove the first 3 performances from my thoughts when making this decision as Amazing has been chosen to represent Lithuania this year and that is the performance I am going to judge. For me I would give the following places

3rd – Vilija

2nd – Vaidas

1st and should win the Lithuanian ticket – I say Mia!!!!!!

How accurate will I be?


And Lithuania decides that Vilija will represent them in Copenhagen this year after winning the jury vote and the public vote.

Mia took second place and Vaidas came in 3rd place

I was my usual accurate self with my predictions – lets hope none of you put money on my choices 🙂

It has been a pleasure blogging for you tonight – see ya xxx

Author : Elaine Dove

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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