Eurovision 2014

Helena and Linus Svenning Qualify for the Grand Final of Melodifestivalen

Linus Svenning Photo Olle Kirchmeir/SVT

Linus Svenning Photo Olle Kirchmeir/SVT

Tonight was the second chance round in Melodifestivalen. 8 acts competed for the remaining 2 places in next weeks Grand Final.

The 2 Duals were as follows


The first song in the dual was Outtrigger versus Helena Pararizou.

The second dual was between Linus Svenning and Martin Stenmarck.


Helena Paparizou Photo Olle Kirchmeir/SVT

Helena Pararizou Photo Olle Kirchmeir/SVT


The 2 lucky acts that will sing in next weeks final are Helena Pararizou and Linus Svenning

Did the right 2 songs qualify for the final?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT

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