Eurovision 2014

United Kingdom – Monday March 3rd #JoinUs for Song and Artist Premier

BBC 2014 Eurovision. Photo : BBC

BBC 2014 Eurovision. Photo : BBC

The United Kingdom are all set it seems to make a formal announcement on Monday March the 3rd for their representative for Eurovision 2014.

If one takes a glance at the BBC Red Button schedule for next Monday, you will see that from 19:25 (GMT) Scott Mills will be talking to the 2014 entrant, as well as the broadcasting the first performance of the UK song for Copenhagen.

BBC Red Button Schedule. Photo : BBC

BBC Red Button Schedule. Photo : BBC

Very interesting to take a look at our friends at Eurovision Apocalypse and their recent post on ESC Nation – See Here

As you can see that they mentioned that the act details could be “slipped out” on Sunday.

What could be happening on Sunday? 

Well if you read down on some of the responses on the above link, it seems that the UK OGAE Fans have been invited  by a third-party organisation to the recording of “Special Performance” of an exciting new artist this Sunday.

No formal conformation if this “special event” relates to the Scott Mills advertised programme on Monday. If this indeed the recording of the UK acts first performance then might this mean that it might not be Geri Halliwell in the running – it could be “Bad It Up Geri” back to Australia’s Got Talent that coincidentally will be running throughout Eurovision? Or what about the artist Nina Nesbitt? Her new album has gone to #1 in Scotland don’t you know. She is half Swedish – so she obviously has the Eurovision Gene. No comment from her people as yet. Might she be one to watch or are the BBC creating wonderful PR for Monday.

Not long to wait seems to be the answer.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : BBC, Eurovision Apocalypse and Euro Voix and Eurovision Ireland

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