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LATVIA : Rolling LIVE Blog Of Latvian Dziesma Final – 20:25 (CET)

"Dziesma" -Latvian Eurovision Selection 2014. Photograph courtesy of LTV

“Dziesma” -Latvian Eurovision Selection 2014. Photograph courtesy of LTV

Latvia – Welcome guys to our LIVE Rolling Blog of the Dziesma or Latvian National Selection for Eurovision 2014. You can follow our LIVE coverage of the show by just refreshing the page.

The Show starts at 20:25 (CET) and you can watch it HERE

  1. Ralfs Eilands and Valters Pūce – Revelation
  2. Markus Riva – Lights On
  3. Katrīna Bindere – Moment and Tomorrow
  4. Dons – Pēdējā vēstule
  5. Samanta Tīna – Stay
  6. Niko – Here I Am Again
  7. MyRadiantU – Going All the Way
  8. Olga and Līgo – Saule riet
  9. Aminata Savadogo – I Can Breathe
  10. Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake
  11. Eirošmits –  If I Could (Get Away)
  12. Katrine Lukins – You Are The Reason

LIVE BLOG – Starts at 20:25 (CET) – Just Refresh the page for Update

Show starts guys. We have a trio called “Energy Exchange” (who look like a young Moby outfit) singing with a choir. The drummer has the most “Blinged Out Symbol” i have ever seen!

Hopefully a taste to things to come!

We have FOUR hosts as they all shout for camera time! Ok let’s lower the volume

  • Ralfs Eilands and Valters Pūce – Revelation

The postcards for the songs are longer than the songs 😦

Ralfs is from Group Per who represented Latvia last year.

Ralfs is sporting a bandage on his right hand with the Ukrainian flag on it. This is an angst ridden protest song that was “ANGRY”. It needed more than 3 people on stage to get the real impact that Ralfs was looking for. The audience liked it but one thinks that this would be left protesting to itself in the Semi Finals at Eurovision.

  • Markus Riva – Lights On

The “Lights On” but is there anyone home?

It was a dance song that never got the memo that a dance song is to make you want to dance!

Markus is a handsome devil indeed but is that enough to win – I fear not.

4 backing dancers with hats that lighted up – like what you but on the way to a Lady Gaga or Kylie concert for 5 Euro. I think this is “Lights Out”

  • Katrīna Bindere – Moment and Tomorrow

We almost had a moment there. Rule #1 – If you are going to use a Wind Machine at Eurovision then make sure your dress does not blow up! Katrina spent most of the song pulling her dress down!

This song was sweet and charming and kept building. I felt that it missed a chance to really go for a massive key change and climax. The best song so far but keep that dress down. It was almost like “Katrina and Her Waves” – Literally!!!

  • Dons – Pēdējā vēstule

Oh he looks like he has just made him communion. However at the end of the song I couldn’t remember any of the melody as it all seemed to be one repetitive note.

It looks like the backing singers are busy tonight as i think it the same people for a lot of the songs. I think “Dons” is “Done”. I am really waiting for the show to kick off with a real contender.

  • Samanta Tīna – Stay

They have the lovely Samantha at Riga Airport looking at how the load luggage on the airplanes. Hey “Made in Latvia”

Wind machine moment again by Samantha got the memo and her long nude coloured dress is standing up to the pace.

Samantha was runner up last year in Latvia with a ballad and this year she goes all out with this dance track. Shades of Loreen’s “We Got The Power”. By far the most memorable song so far.

Samantha’s voice was fantastic and the song has potential for a large Eurovision stage. In with a chance.

  • Niko – Here I Am Again

Niko is singing in the wrong country! This is a song that Melodifestivalen usually has – though not in large supply this year.

Niko is another returning finalist from last year. A dance track that has 4 dancers sporting Daft Punk helmets in white and Air Stewards uniforms. Is this “Euro Air”?

Tough that Niko and Samantha are drawn beside each other as they are both Euro Dance songs.

It all seemed a little lacking. I don’t think this will “Get Lucky” tonight

  • MyRadiantU – Going All the Way

Oh Oh!!! They put up the wrong name and telephone number for the band! Someone will be looking for a new job tomorrow!

These guys are like Latvia’s answer to The Killers or Coldplay with a little dance vibe going on!

I think they could be “Going All The Way” with this song to the Top 4 in tonight’s show.

I can remember this song by the end of this sentence. Result so far!

  • Olga and Līgo – Saule riet

It is the Von Trapp family and they have all grown up!

Oh this is the gem of the night so far! A dance and folk song mashed together with traditional costumes and plenty of linking of arms. All I need is a pint of good Latvian Beer.

This is by far the best song of the night. It would sail into the final at Eurovision like “Do Re Mi”!

  • Aminata Savadogo – I Can Breathe

This was like looking at Eartha Kitt in a purple Cat Woman Cat Suit.

A funky song from a good singer. While most Eurovision acts tend to take off clothes during a performance, Aminata actually suddenly has a skirt on!

A 70’s vibe to this. Not a winner but a good effort

  • Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake

All the talk has been about “Cake to Bake”. Would they stand up to the pressure of being the favourites?

The answer was a resounding “YES”. Utterly sweet and deliciously tasting Chocolate Cake – and I say that in my best Nigella Lawson voice!

The lead singer was captivating on camera and the audience were clapping throughout the song. This was baked to perfection and not a “soggy bottom” in sight.

A certain contender!

  • Eirošmits –  If I Could (Get Away)

From the sublime to the ridiculous. The band were in bad fancy dress as 80’s rock stars Guns N Roses. If I were Eirosmits I would be running for my life as Slash maybe slash in name and slash by nature. This was a comedy song and one that didn’t have me laughing!

  • Katrine Lukins – You Are The Reason

OO Ohhhhhh – You remember Gemini who famously were out of key for the UK at Eurovision. Well Katrine didn’t just take a leaf out of their book but she took the book, rewrote it and gave it a loud cover. This was off key from the very first note and never had a chance to get back on track.

I will remember this song the most but for the wrong reasons – so sorry for her as this song “could” have been pleasant but unfortunately wasn’t!


The 3 Super Finalists are

  1. Dons – Pēdējā vēstule
  2. Samanta Tīna – Stay
  3. Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake

Stay with me folks – We are on to our 6th interval act now – Groupa Per from last year

Another Interval act – “Tenfold Rabbit” – I feel like I have lived these interval acts Tenfold Over


WINNER IS Aarzemnieki and “Cake To Bake”



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall


Source : Eurovision Ireland

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