Eurovision 2014

HUNGARY : Rolling LIVE Blog Of Hungarian A-Dal 2014 Final – 20:20 (CET)

A-Dal 2014 Grand Final Live Blog. Photo:

A-Dal 2014 Grand Final Live Blog. Photo:

Hungary – Welcome guys to our LIVE Rolling Blog of the A-Dal or Hungarian National Selection for Eurovision 2014. You can follow our LIVE coverage of the show by just refreshing the page.

The Show starts at 20:25 (CET) and you can watch it HERE


  • Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time
  • Dénes Pál – Brave New World
  • Kállay Saunders – Running
  • Honeybeast – A legnagyobb hős
  • Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over
  • Depresszió – Csak a zene
  • Bogi – We All
  • New Level Empire – The Last One

LIVE BLOG – Starts at 20:20 (CET) – Just Refresh The Page For Updates

All eight acts will perform their songs and then the jury members will award their points (4, 6, 8, 10) to their individual favourite songs. This will provide the Top 4 acts from which the public will select the A-Dal winner and representative for Eurovision 2014.

Good Evening Europe, and welcome to Hungary, were almost ready to start the final search for Hungary’s 2014 Eurovision entry so sit back, relax and let #Joinus as we guide you through this strong final selection……

Well were live (at last ) they also love their adverts in Hungary

“this is my life” the song to open the show ….

Our presenters of the night are beauty & the beast, ill let you decide whos who, but im afraid they hired the same stylist that dressed poor Shirley Clamp last weekend in MF. How many roles of tin foil is in that dress answers on a post card please….

We are now being introduced to the judges in whats similar to an Xfactor special guest introduction – Im sure their all amazing in their own right.

Well were still here and we still have’nt heard a song ….but there is some what I can only describe as some amazing back slapping on behalf of the judges on what they are looking for and how amazing they all are – our 3rd presenter a male #joinus live already from the green room chatting to tonights contestants….

Our presenters are now explaining the voting procedures to the voting public who will choose the final winner out of the judges final selection tonight – voting and sms numbers are given out so make sure you vote you, well if your in Hungary!!

At last Song 1

Depresszió – Csak a zene

A rock / heavy metal-ish style number that is complete and utter rubbish, and a bit of conditioner would’nt go a stray either. Now my Hungarian was never that good but Im guessing they didnt get a great response from the judges there, bless. Onto song 2,

Bogi – We All

The female version of Bye Alex here. A cool hippy young lady telling us all that we all live together and were special, Well I new I was special. its not bad and reminds be a bit of Maltas entry last year Tomorrow. Pleasent but not a winner.

My god that presenters dress me eyes me eyes too much Tin Foil, onto song 3

Kállay Saunders – Running

I cant tell you anything about this song because I was too focussed on th elittle girl playing the piano on stage with the teddy bear sitting on it looking at her WTF! No wonder somebody was “running” Sole full / contempory song needs a bit of work vocally to bring that voice out stronger – not a bad performance. Grey is the new black in Hungary.

A little break here now as we’re back in the green room chatting to the artists that have already performed. Wait ! another female presenter in the green room also – where did she come from ??

Song 4

New Level Empire – The Last One

Too funny – the song is’nt bad at all its a bit of a mix match coldplay v club music v whatever their trying to do. If you dont watch them its not bad at all, but then you look at them you’ve a DJ in her debs dress jumping up and down, a grandad on drums and the list goes on. Not bad but visually its a NO!

On to Song 5

Dénes Pál – Brave New World

At last a contender – best song we’ve heard so far tonight . A good simply performance with simply staging 5 backing singers who are all doing sign language along to the words of the song. A good temporary piece of pop music here – could do well.

Song 6

Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over

And they say Over aged boy bands are dead – well not in Hungary. Some will stay it takes a gimmick to win Eurovision – and these guys have a good one. Cast your minds back to that awful Belguim entry in 2011 (yes I cant remember it either) but they do something similar with some backing track only its alot slicker / cooler well sung and its actually not a bad little song at all.

Back to the green room again for a chat & some self praising…

Song 7

Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time

And our next act gets a big cheer as his “postcard” starts – easy on the eye for everyone here, whatever takes your fancy, lets hope the song is good too….

Ladies and gentlemen …its Bruno Mars…..oh well its the closest were going to get to him tonight. Great song and preformance here. Very current and this could do very well on a bigger stage with a bigger production. Think Bruno Mars song – Tresaure – similar to that – #good!

Song 8

Honeybeast – A legnagyobb hős

A black bride here – sung in traditional hungarian – its an ok song but im afraid it doesnt really go anywhere – and i dont think it will connect to the televoting public throughout Europe.

Our Jurours are voting fast and rapid not wasting any time here,

Sorry guys due to teh traditional weather here in the west of Ireland im playing catch up a bit,

Right the top 4 as voted for by the Jury’s are as follows,

Kállay Saunders – Running

Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over

Bogi – We All

Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time

I think the 4 jury members got it right with the final 4 and now its over to the publiv to decide who will represent Hungary at the 2014 Eurovision songcontest

We are now back in the green room talking to Bye Alex last years representive for Hungary, a reprise is now also showen of the final 4 songs with the telephone and sms numbers, I actually cant call it between these 4 acts I dont no which way the public will vote,……..

wow what a great peformance by Bye Alex of last years Hungarian entry with a full orchestra on stage – will always be a eurovision classic

Right were back chatting in the green room almost time for the votes …..have you voted

Ok and the winner is…………

Kállay Saunders – Running congratulations to him he’ll be running all the way to Copenhagen in May 🙂

Well thats it from Budapest thank you for Joining Us tonight we @ Eurovision Ireland wish Kallay and all of Hungary all the best @ Eurovision 2014 and we look forward to meeting team Hungary in May

Unitl Next time – good night 🙂


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