Eurovision 2014

Songwriters Seek EBU Guidance Regarding Moldovan Eurovision Selection

Boris Covali - Flying. Photo : YouTube

Boris Covali – Flying. Photo : YouTube

Moldova – Some of you may have read the recent articles concerning the song “Flying” in the Moldovan Eurovision 2014 National Selection. We can confirm that the song writers of the song “Flying” have reached out to the EBU for guidance in the situation.

Boris Covali – known to many Eurovision followers – had 2 songs in the Moldovan National Selection. The other being “Perfect Day”. In the recent TRM auditions, Boris and the song “Flying” were voted by the TRM elected jury to the last 24 acts. Covali’s other song “Perfect Day” was not selected by the jury to progress further in the contest.

Yesterday the news came from the songwriters responsible for “Flying” that a decision had been made to substitute “Flying” for “Perfect Day” that was not selected by the TRM elected Jury.

The song writers of “Flying are Michael James Down, Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff and Dimitri Stassos and as you can expect they were confused at this decision. Michael posted a Facebook update on the situation saying

“However, a few days ago we were informed that Boris’s manager had decided to withdraw “Flying” and replace it with “Perfect day”. Even though it shouldn’t be up to him to make such a decision. We were also informed through Boris that there had been “financial agreements” between his management, the people behind “Perfect Day”, and TRM”

EBU Guidance Requested by Songwriters.  Photograph courtesy of EBU

EBU Guidance Requested by Songwriters. Photograph courtesy of EBU

They songwriters have sought legal advice and have also engaged the EBU as of last night to review the situation. Speaking to Eurovision Ireland, Michael James Down said

“that the EBU have been informed of the situation by the songwriters and they will be reviewing it in the coming days”

We have sent three communications to the Moldovan Head of Delegation at TRM to ask for an official clarification on the situation but they have not responded as yet.

We did though manage to contact Boris Covali and he advised us on the song selection from his perspective – SEE HERE

What will the outcome be? When “Flying” was announced as the song that Covali would sing in the TRM selection, the songwriters had arranged for Covali to fly to Stockholm and record new vocals, and plans were even made for a commercial release of the song.

Will this still happen? The songwriters await a decision form TRM and input from the EBU.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Facebook and Eurovision Ireland

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