Eurovision 2014

Moldova – Boris Covali Breaks his Silence on Moldovan Eurovision Song Selection

Boris Covali - Responds to Song Change. Photo :

Boris Covali – Responds to Song Change. Photo :

Moldova – As we reported, there has been a change in the song selection in the Moldovan National Selection for 2014 – SEE HERE that has resulted in the song “Flying” – at this point in time – being replaced by “Perfect Day”. The singer of both songs, Boris Covali, has been unavailable for comment until now.

We have reached out to both TRM and Covali asking for a reason why “Flying” was substituted and by whom? Boris Covali has responded to us here at Eurovision Ireland saying that he made the decision personally to change the song

“Hello. Song” Flying”is a work of talent, but it was my decision to select song “Perfect Day” because of my understanding I can feel it more deeply than the another one. Thank you for understanding and for trying to get the facts straight . Best regards Boris Covali”

As of yet TRM (Moldovan National Broadcaster) have made no comment to our requests for information on the situation.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Wooooooow, no Eurovision for him then. I loved Flying. Ah well, his personal choice, unless he’s just saying that cause that financial agreement with Perfect Day is binding him down. That was a confusing situation. 😦 Really too bad. I like Perfect Day, but Flying had that Eurovision oomf lol.

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