Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Poll Now Open – What is your favourite Eurosong 2014 Entry?

Ireland : Eurosong 2014 Voting Poll Now Open. Photo : Wikipedia

Ireland : Eurosong 2014 Voting Poll Now Open. Photo : Wikipedia

We open up the largest on-line “Big Irish Poll” and ask you to tell us what your favourite song is in the Irish National Final for Eurovision 2014 aka Eurosong. You can vote as many times as you like (once per day in the last 20 days to the Eurosong Finla) and we will be giving you regular updates on our site as to who is leading. The poll will be open until the Eurosong Final which is on February 28th on the Late Late Show on RTE1.

In case you didn’t hear the songs then you can listen to them HERE or look at the clips below

We also want to hear your comments so make sure to like and share the poll with your friends and VOTE.

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Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think the Dutch song is the future of the eurovision. And they are good looking, can really sing and far beyond the cheap performances of most other countries. Its a pitty that the Netherlands have not so much neighbours. But for sure, after this song they have much more good songs that can concuer the world. Not just a one day hit like last year winner!

  2. Anyone who thinks heartbeat doesn’t sound in the chorus almost identical to last years danish winner teardrops can only be described as a moron. RTE panel rightly described it having an authentic eurovision feel because it virtually is last years winner. The people of europe thought we were some bunch of muppets entering an unfunny turkey but they must think us worse again for entering last years winner and pretending its a unique song. We are and remain a joke!

  3. Quite stupid how everyone saying that heartbeat is a copycat of only love survives and only teardrops. Can’t believe that an irish singer cant use irish style music without being called a copycat. It sounds nothing like Only teardrops. is there an appearance of a flute at all.NO!!!

  4. 5 dreadful songs, guaranteed not to qualify for the final. the pink element to contaminating the irish contest…the proper song writers from the past will not touch it with a bargepole.
    best song of a bad lot is laura…problem is she is a hisser of the letter s..the nasal hissing is horrid…with a better singer it would win….sods law will dictate that quigg with the panto queens writing will win…a pyrrhic victory.

    • to be honest, even in the unlikely event that one of these crap songs gets through to the final in Eurovision the best it would achieve is last , so lets not kid ourselves.

        • Europe does not go for the type of song like the one’s we have here – we need something that is catchy, that they will remember and that will be something like which that is current in the charts in the different countries of europe.
          These songs simply are not strong enuf, full stop!

        • I think a lot of the songs may feel and sound differnet on a Eurovision stage. A lot of the Top 10 at Eurovision last year TJ transformed a lot from their National Final. It will come down to how they are performed on the night for sure. Over the years some songs have risen to that challenge and others haven’t.

  5. Hmmm…the more I hear Laura O’Neill’s song, the more I like it. With the right stage production, it could do quite well. Hope it wins.

      • On reflection, “You Don’t Remember Me” is a very good song – it just took a while for it to grow on me! But if I was to change anything, it would be the ending – I think Laura should go up an octave for the last chorus, right up until the final line – to really power it home. She has a brilliant voice, so why they didn’t do this in the first place is beyond me. As I said, the song could be something quite good indeed, it just needs a bit of a kick up the backside! 🙂

  6. All 5 sound worse than Banshee’s screech = brutal if im honest. I mean who decides on the selection of songs – these 5 make Dustin look good.
    Also in the Eurovision itself, there shoudl be one vote per person and only the countries that make the final should be allowed to vote!!!

  7. Patricia Roe’s song sounds like something that would have finished in 6th place at Eurosong ’95. I can almost hear Pat Kenny’s dulcet tones as the Waterford jury awards it four votes..

  8. Eoghain Quigg will win the televote as his profile is the biggest and he is singling a commercial (however bland and boring) song. The Juries will vote for Laura, because she has the best written song and I have a feeling will be the best live performer also. And Kasey could sneak in by finishing 2nd with each of the televote and juries however her entry is as contrived as Only Love Survives was last year and we should have learned from that experience that Europe is no longer buying into the celtic lite electro pop we are offerring as the only only alternative to boring ballads in Eurovision these days. (Actually I don’t think Europe ever bought into this). The other 2 songs do not have a chance.

  9. I know all of the entries personally and they are each amazing. I had to put my vote down to what I felt was the best option to represent my country and That was obviously Kasey who is an absolute treasure to work with. I know she can go all the way.

  10. Just finished listening to the five entries. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such overwhelming blandness since I spent a rainy afternoon watching a job lot of magnolia paint drying. When is RTE going to cop on to the fact that the mentor system is an utterly ineffective means by which to find a decent Eurovision entry? It’s getting beyond a joke now…

      • Honestly? No, no I don’t. And I take absolutely no pleasure in saying that. I think it’s a sad state of affairs that the most successful country in Eurovision history can’t seem to come up with an entry that is truly memorable and exciting, and I believe the blame lies with the mentor system/Late Late combo. No disrespect to the composers and performers who made it to the Eurosong final, but I think we deserve something better than to stick with a failing system simply because it has led to us making it through to the Eurovision final more times than not. Aspiring to merely qualify for the final shouldn’t be good enough for ANY country, let alone one that has claimed a record seven victories, but this appears to have been RTE’s primary goal over the last number of years. But why not try to make it win number 8? I mean REALLY try? Wouldn’t that be more exciting for everyone, especially the contestants? Why can’t we have a proper, multi-week national final, instead of hijacking an episode of the Late Late once a year? Surely that would generate a greater degree of interest among talented music industry professionals both at home and abroad, ultimately leading to a better selection of songs. Instead we have a system that allows arbitrary “mentors” to engage in nepotism in their choice of performer, and submit pet songs of their own composition for their chosen performers to sing. But then you can hardly blame them for exploiting the stage that RTE has given them; I just don’t think such self-serving behaviour is particularly fair or above board. And it certainly won’t find us a winner.

  11. Laura O Neill – great song
    Patricia Roe – very cute song
    Kasey – copy of last years winner
    The other two not strong

  12. Laura O Neill – great song
    Patricia Roe – very cute
    Kasey – copy of last years winner
    The other two not strong

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