Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Listen to the 5 Eurosong Entries Here for Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Eurosong Finalists 2014 - Listen to their songs.

IRELAND : Eurosong Finalists 2014 – Listen to their songs.

IRELAND – Listen to the 5 songs on-line now in the Irish National Selection for Eurovision 2014. Below is the official soundcloud link for all the 5 songs.




5 very different songs that will give the audience and jury food for thought.


Songs for Eurosong 2014

  1. Patricia Roe – “Don’t Hold On”
  2. Eoghan Quigg – “The Movie Song”
  3. Can-Linn Featuring Kasey Leeann Smith – “Heartbeat”
  4. Andrew Mann – “Be Mine”
  5. Laura O’Neill – “You Don’t Remember Me”

The songs will be performed in the above order at the Eurosong Final that takes place on the Late Late Show on Friday February 28th on RTE 1. We will provide you with the viewing details for all our international readers closer to the contest.

Who is your favourite to win so far?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Heartbeat and be mine have potential but need a lot of work to have a shot. Heartbeat is likely our best bet although the comparisons to last years winner are inaccurate as only teardrops is a n excellent song and this is mediocre at best. Don’t hold on should not be leading this poll as it is atrocious. Is it just me or is the song blatantly ripped off? I can’t think of the song it copies just now but it is very noticable.

  2. Kasey or Laura would be the best to represent us. Very disappointed in Andrew Manns song as I love his voice. I think the presentation of Kaseys song will let it down especially with the Irish dancers.

  3. I am an Irishman living in buffalo New York! Hands down, song 3 is the winner for me :-€ Celtic infused song with a powerful height and sexy singer! This entry has it all. Disappointed with all the rest! This should be a no brainer for the Irish public! What a great chance Ireland have with this entry !!!! Good luck kasey and can-linn !!

    • Hey kevin – Always great to hear from our growing followers from Ireland who are based in America. What do you think will be the final placings? Also would be great to hear what your American friends think of the 5 Irish songs?

  4. kasey by far. but its not a winner, none of these songs are. If we want to win the contest we need to send Nikki Kavannagh. we missed out on our 8th victory by not sending her masterpiece ”falling” to dussledorf. hope we’ll see her back at eurosong in 2015.

  5. Kasey by far my favourite. goin to be a battle between her and eoghan. kasey will get my vote though. would be our best entry in years imo, i do feel eoghan’s song is less of a risk and would definitely go through to the final.i do prefer kasey though.

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