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HUNGARY : Interview With A-Dal 2014 Contestant Kállay-Saunders András

Kallay Saunders "Running". Photo : YouTube

Kallay Saunders “Running”. Photo : YouTube

HUNGARY – This afternoon we had the pleasure to interview Kállay-Saunders András who is performing in Heat 2 of A-Dal 2014 tomorrow with his song “Running”.

Firstly can you tell us Kallay how it felt coming so close to representing Hungary at Eurovision 2013 with your song “My Baby”?

Oh I remember it clearly standing their waiting for the results to be read out. Of course I was disappointed not to win and realise my dream of going to the Eurovision Song Contest. There were so many positives though. The song was very successful in Hungary and that was such validation from the people of Hungary. However I was so happy for ByeAlex and thrilled to see him do so well at Eurovision 2013 for both him and Hungary. So I took so many positives from the experience last year and used them as inspiration for A-Dal this year.

Now we know that your father was a very successful musician – Fernando Saunders – and worked with many amazing artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Jeff Beck and Lou Reed. Is this where you found your musical influences and style of music?

Yes indeed. In my childhood I was exposed to many different styles and genres of music. My father filled my soul with so much wonderful music. Growing up I liked to take different pieces from each style that I liked and build into my own music. I would say that I like Soul, Rock, R-nB and Alien. By Alien I mean that it is something new and fresh and different from other artists out there. I have my Hungarian and American heritage to thank for that. To be honest my musical style is ever evolving and changing.

Andras Kallay Saunders "Running"  Video Shoot. Photo : YouTube

Andras Kallay Saunders “Running” Video Shoot. Photo : YouTube

Can you tell us the inspiration for your song “Running” in this year’s A-Dal Contest?

The song started out with me writing the melody and beats to the song. When it came to the Lyrics I wanted to write about something that I identified with. I had a good friend growing up and she was abused as a child. I know that people might think that Eurovision might not be suited to a song about such a topic but I felt very strong about my friends story.

People had heard me sing songs about love over the years so I guess I wanted to explore the other emotions that I have as a person. Really it was not my intention to write about this topic but for some reason the lyrics and story flowed naturally to me.

What has been the reaction to the song been since you released it?

That is the real success of the song actually. I have performed “Running” at my concerts since the song was announced for A-Dal. After my shows I always stay behind to meet my fans. So many people have come up to me and said that they have experienced abuse or know someone who has suffered from it and that the song has given them strength, strength in knowing that they are not alone and strength to know that they can find help. You have no idea how that makes me feel to see people identify with “Running”. I already feel like a winner because of all the people who have said that they song has helped them.

Was making the video for “Running” a difficult thing for you to make considering the emotions that the song has for you?

It could have been but I wanted to make sure that the end of the video has a positive message and that people know that they can overcome this terrible situation. That made me want to make a true and raw video for the song.

So how will you transfer the video and song to the stage in A-Dal tomorrow?

Good question. We though long and hard about that. What is key is for me to show the emotion of the song in my voice. I want people to hear the tears in my voice but then to see the positive outcome. That positive outcome will be the female pianist that I have accompanying me on stage. The song will end with her being the focal point, almost like in the video where you see the survivors. I will also have dancers with me on stage to help illustrate the feelings of the song. I am very blessed with the people who I have working and supporting me.

What would you like to have achieved in 5 years time Kallay?

Well number one on that list would be to represent my country of Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been dreaming and picturing that for so many years now. It would be a dream come true. I would like for people to hear  my music. I am a singer, songwriter and producer and I would love for people to know of my music. I think all true musicians want their music to be heard by people as it is a part of their soul.

I would really like to write music for other well-known singers. That would be such an honour for me to see how they interpret my music.

Kallay Saunders in Concert. Photo : Kallay Saunders Official Facebook

Kallay Saunders in Concert. Photo : Kallay Saunders Official Facebook

On that point – would you have a singer that you would like to duet with?

That is a tough question but from people who are currently in the charts I really like James Arthur. I love that his voice feels like it has beautiful mistakes in it. By that I mean it sounds real and vulnerable and you feel every emotion that he is singing and you can see yourself in that exact moment. Others can sing perfectly (which is wonderful too) but with him I just feel the raw emotion in his voice.

Finally Kallay, what message would you have for our Eurovision Ireland readers and our followers in Hungary?

Firstly I want to than you all for your support not only this year but throughout the years. If it was not for you I would not have the chance to be writing music and performing. This has been my dream and I want to share it with you all. My success is your success. I hope you like my performance of “Running” and just know that I would love to represent my home country of Hungary at Eurovision.

We want to thank Kallay for taking the time out from his busy rehearsal schedule. He literally ran from the stage to speak to us this afternoon – so we greatly appreciate him taking the time to speak to us here at Eurovision Ireland. For us it was a pleasure to speak to him today – a gentleman both on and off the camera.

Remember that Kallay will be performing in the second Heat of A-Dal 2014 that takes place tomorrow (February 1st) with his song “Running”. We will be covering the show live on our website so make sure to join us.

For further details on Kállay-Saunders András you can follow him on his Official Facebook Page and Official Website.

We have one thing to say to Kallay – “Köszönjük, és sok sikert”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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