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RUSSIA : Video of Buranovskiye Babushki (Russian Grannies) Aim For Eurovision 2014?

Buranovskiye Babushk. Photo :

Buranovskiye Babushk. Photo :

Russia : It looks as if those lovable Buranovskiye Babushki aka The Russian Grannies are potentially looking for another shot at Eurovision Glory.

According to our friends at Eurovision Apocalypse the Babushki have been making inquiries into the Russian National Final. Furthermore they are potentially looking to enter this 90’s inspired song called “Ветерок” (Breeze). Think of acts like La Bouche and Dr Alban (Sweden are this year).

With a return of the 90’s dance saxophone and a rapper, they may need to have one of the team drop out to make room for him.

Is this as catchy as “Party For Everyone” or is it a more mature sound for the Russian Grannies – wait just how more mature can they actually get?


With the Russian Army Choir also expressing a desire to go to Eurovision 2014 – the Russian selection could be an interesting prospect.

However we still don’t know when the Russian National Selection for Eurovision 2014 will take place as it has been postponed and not rescheduled as of yet.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Apocalypse and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. According to their official website (yes, there’s a Buranovskiye Babushki website, oh wow :P) “Veterok” is their song for the Sochi Olympics 🙂 Just letting you guys know 🙂

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