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Finland UMK 2014 - Heat 2. Photo : YLE

Finland UMK 2014 – Heat 2. Photo : YLE

Finland – Welcome to our live rolling blog for the Second Heat in UMK2014 aka The Finnish Eurovision National Selection for 2014. Just refresh the page for our live commentary on the show.

You can watch the show live HERE.

There is the pre show on NOW and the Live Heat begins at 19:00 (CET)

The six acts tonight competing are :

  1. MAKEA – “Painovoima”
  2. Lauri Mikkola – “Going Down”
  3. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – “Top of the World”
  4. Mikko Pohjola – “Sängyn reunalla”
  5. MadCraft – “Shining Bright”
  6. Hanna Sky – “Hope”

You can also use the Twitter hashtag #UMK14 – Oh go on! Get involved too 


The backstage show is in full swing. Our 2 perky presenters are running about the studio speaking to the fans and the experts in the build up to the show

The live show begins. We are introduced to the 6 acts and the judges

The Jury members are  Aija Puurtinen, Toni Wirtanen, Redrama and Tomi Saarinen

MAKEA – “Painovoima”

MAKEA. Photo : YLE

MAKEA. Photo : YLE

Rock meets Rap in this pounding piece of Finnish music. The female singers vocals were great though her half see through dress was distracting. The rapper was belting out those beats to beat the drum! He puts Eminem to shame.

Judges give their critique

The judges prove that fashion as well as the sun are short in supply in Finland. What is with the hats guys?

The band got a mixed bad of comments

Lauri Mikkola – “Going Down”

Sorry I can hardly comment on the song as I was blinded by Lauri’s Suit. What was he thinking?

Lauri Mikkola. Photo : YLE

Lauri Mikkola. Photo : YLE

This should be a soulful song but came across like Justin Timberlake’s older brother auditioning for “Les Miserables”. At one stage Lauri was on his knees and pleading to the camera. All very Stage School and all OTT like the suit.

Scale it back and go “for neutral tones” the next time.

A mixed bag of comments from the judges – and this was the pre show favourite. I feel like I need a can of “Tango” after that performance

Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – “Top of the World”

Clarissa and Josh are Finland’s answer to “2Unlimited” – You remember them “No No No No No No No Limits”

Clarissa and Josh. Photo : YLE

Clarissa and Josh. Photo : YLE

This song in the rehearsal shows was all cute and Glee. However Josh had a Tooji makeover complete with a hood. Clarissa was channeling Madonna from the “Like a Virgin” days with the net glove. This was Glee following a few drinks as they got some break dancing going on the stage. Still a lot of work to be done on this one.

Mixed bag of comments again from the judges.

Mikko Pohjola – “Sängyn reunalla”

Mikko has done his Eurovision homework. A simple song sung well. Filmed in black and white and when the all important key change came the tv went into colour. It was like listening and looking at a younger version of Sting. The song has a slight melancholic feel to it but given a charming treatment.

Mikko - Photo YLE

Mikko – Photo YLE

The judges seemed to like it. This is good modern folk

Madcraft – “Shining Bright”

Punk, Pop and Rock. This had it all going on. The audience and band were as loud as the lead singers “Fresh Prince of Belair” jacket and shorts. Enough “Oh Oh Oh’s” that had the audience throwing their hands up in the air.

Madcraft. Photo : YLE

Madcraft. Photo : YLE

Loud and Proud is what they were. Youthful energy that will even have the oldest of viewers remembering this one. At times their “English” left the studio as I hadn’t a clue what they were singing – but hey at times it doesn’t matter

Hanna Sky – “Hope”

This for me is the song that has the most instant impact in the show so far though there were some serious areas for improvement. It is a catchy song that has a killer chorus with a plain and simple hook with the backing singers. This song has the potential to be great but they need to look at a few key areas.

Hanna Sky - Photo YLE

Hanna Sky – Photo YLE

Firstly there was no need for the lone break dancer for this RnB song. Hanna is a pretty woman – so why hide her in a dress that looks like she has just parachuted in on. The backing singers looked and acted like they were plucked from the pre-show bar and told – SING.

Don’t get me wrong – I like this song a lot and it could do well at Eurovision. Just get me into YLE to make some changes and then Hanna can reach for the Sky and not just be called it.

The judges comments had the crowd cheering in approval.

That is your lot. All 6 acts have performed and we are backstage with 2 hosts.

Dinner Date Time. Photo : YLE

Dinner Date Time. Photo : YLE

Backstage host is having a romantic dinner date with a muscled toyboy in a skimpy vest – It must be Finnish humour

OMG – The guy just “BENCH PRESSED” the host. This is a song contest – “But not as we know it!”


Judges giving their results

Hanna takes the lead after the first judge

Second Judge has voted and Hanna again scores top points with Mikko close behind.

Third judge gives Hanna top marks again and Mikko still in second. Makea in the danger zone in last place

Fourth Judge gives Hanna top points and Mikko second place.

Judges Scores

  • Hanna Sky – 38 Points
  • Mikko Pohjola – 34 Points
  • Lauri Mikkola – 26 Points
  • Clarissa and Josh – 25 Points
  • Madcraft – 21 Points
  • Madea – 20 Points

Interval Act time as the public vote continues.

Interval Act is “Mr Dinner Date Man” aka Musta Baarai with 20 guys working out with weights.

Oh shirts are coming off everyone!

Flesh Fest UMK Interval Act. Photo : YLE

Flesh Fest UMK Interval Act. Photo : YLE

Flesh Fest Alert! 20 sweaty men dancing. God Bless those Finns!!

Final Results

When Jury and Public votes were combined the winner was Hanna Sky

The 4 acts that went through to the semi final were

  • Mikko Pohjola
  • Lauri Mikkola
  • Clarissa and Josh
  • Madcraft

The Act leaving the contest are MAKEA

Time for a reprise from Hanna Sky.

Hope you enjoyed the commentary tonight

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and YLE

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