Eurovision 2014

SPAIN : “TVE Want Ruth Lorenzo For Eurovision 2014”

Ruth Lorenzo - "TVE Look to Her For ESC2014". Photo : ITV/X-Factor

Ruth Lorenzo – “TVE Look to Her For ESC2014”. Photo : ITV/X-Factor

“Ruth Lorenzo is the objective of TVE to represent Spain in Eurovision” is the claim made by Spanish TV portal “FormulaTV”. The leading Spanish entertainment network has claimed the following

“As has been known exclusively by Fó, Murcia singer (Lorenzo) is the aim of TVE. Spanish TV has no doubt that they want Ruth Lorenzo, she is your candidate”.



It was expected that there would have been an announcement by TVE as to their representative at Eurovision 2014 but this – according to FormulaTV – is due to the fact that Ruth Lorenzo is currently in California saying

“According to this website has learned (an announcement) could take place this week or next. The public wants to close the speculation as soon as to the election of the Spanish representative, so the official confirmation does not seem to take too long. However, Lorenzo is right now in California.”

Not for some time has there been this much speculation as to the Spanish Representative at Eurovision. Lorenzo recently commented on the media speculation surrounding her at Eurovision for both the Uk and Spain. This was then followed by boy band Auryn making a statement on the media surrounding them as Spain’s Eurovision Representative


Lorenzo has always said that she would like to represent Spain at Eurovision claiming “If the musical proposal was serious, convincing, and consistent with my music project, I’d love to step on that stage and do make you feel proud.”

Lorenzo would be more well known in the UK and Ireland where she competed in the X-Factor but Spanish news agencies keep reverting to her for Eurovision 2014. Even if TVE want Lorenzo for Eurovision it is still a case of is the offer acceptable to the singer herself. A formal announcement is due shortly from TVE.

You can read the full article by FormulaTV claiming that TVE are seeking Ruth Lorenzo for Eurovision HERE

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if she was in California, absolutely oblivious to these rumours & then comes back to them & all of a sudden TVE is begging her to do it haha SURPRISE! 😀 Cool news though.

    • I know. It is like Hokey Pokey – In/Out In/Out

      I think that the Spanish fans just want an official announcement at this stage. So many artists have been mentioned. Personally I think that with the right song Ruth could score very well at Eurovision

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