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EXCLUSIVE Interview : “We Are Planning Something Again In Europe”

Georgia At Eurovision. Photo : Shuttershock

Georgia At Eurovision. Photo : Shuttershock

Well it is no secret that here at Eurovision Ireland HQ we (myself in particular) had a wee “thing” for the lovely Nodiko Tatishvili – (Nodi)  and Sopho  Gelovani  (Sophie) from Georgia with their fabulous entry for Eurovision 2013 – Waterfall.

Elaine with Sophie and Nodi

Elaine and Davidwith Sophie and Nodi

When we heard they were going to be hitting the road and embarking on a short European tour we decided it was time to catch up with our good friends and having been adopted as an honorary Georgian, along with my good mate and fellow journalist David Elder, at the Georgian embassy this year then there was no one better equipped to interview the lovely Nodi than myself. I am only disappointed to say that this was not part of the “In Bed With” series but I am working on it!

Here is some of the gossip from the Georgian duo who are embarking on their tour as I type.

Elaine – It has been 6 months since your great performance in the final of Eurovision in Malmo. What are your best memories of Malmo and what sort of reaction did you get from The Georgian people when you arrived home?

Nodi – We still have the very best memories about Eurovision and we will never forget it.  The contest is completely different from all the other ones that I’ve taken a part in. Most of all, all the memories are sweet, as soon as we start talking about it, the same time we smile and wish to get that time back.

Now about the 15th place – as you remember we were in top list of favourites. I can’t explain what happened but still, when we got back to Georgia our supporters met us at the airport, so, on the one hand this was great contest we took a part and on the other hand, we got so many fans from other countries and I think this is the most important in singer’s life and career.

You certainly have some new Scottish and Irish friends Nodi 

Nodi and Sophie, Eurovision 2013 Georgia with Elaine and David

Nodi and Sophie, Eurovision 2013 Georgia with Elaine and David

Elaine – Tell us a bit about your European tour.

Nodi – This is very interesting tour in Europe.  December 3rd we are in Luxembourg and we sing in Picaso’s Tearte. On the 5th December we are in Paris and on the 7th we are in Düsseldorf.  It is just great that we have opportunity to sing once again for the people we love and people that love us.

I only wish I was free to go along to the show


Elaine – You are going on tour with your fabulous Eurovision partner Sophie. Do you plan to continue as a duet and do you have any plans to bring out an album?

Nodi – Basically, Sophie and me before Eurovision had careers separately. Of course we had an experience of singing together but I want to say our duet was made especially for ESC. After ESC people often asked us to sing something together again, so you know the show “Dancing with a Star?”  Tonight we sing there both together so it is a privilege to be an independent singer and at the same time to have a great partner.

Sophie and Nodi at Eurovision 2013

Sophie and Nodi at Eurovision 2013 Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Elaine – What are your long-term plans as a musician?

Nodi – First, Christmas and New Year is coming. I recorded a single “Christmas Night” in December and as I’ve said our Euro-tour is planned.  Later I have many TV shows and concerts and even later – I can’t say the month, but I’ll fly to USA. In 2014 there are some more plans with Sophie and it’s something about Europe again…….. I’m happy that I have to do so many things.

Something about Europe? – Can it be? Can I get all excited?!?!?!?!?!?!


Elaine – We here at Eurovision Ireland, like to give the fans something to smile about so can you tell me something about yourself that not many people know?

Nodi – I will try to find something no-one knows about me.  I was born in 1986, and my weight at the birth was very little. I was a low birth weight baby and was born after 8 months.  Four months later my weight became 9 KG and four months later again I was 16KG.  For months they were really very frightened looking at my appetite as I put on so much weight. I really don’t know what to say – I think there’s not any little thing that people don’t know about me if they want to.

Ho ho you are right Nodi – no little thing about you ;-)!!!

Elaine with Sophie and Nodi Backstage. Photo : Eurovision Irelnd

Elaine with Sophie and Nodi Backstage. Photo : Eurovision Irelnd

Elaine – So last but not least – Would you ever consider entering Eurovision again in the future?

Nodi – Yes, sure, I’ll definitely take a part one more time. I love this song contest – in spite of the 15th place we took :), but we need to think when exactly because ESC changed our lives and we have lots of plans starting from January to the end of May so we are really busy.  Sophie and I both dedicated ourselves to this contest so; I promise I’ll let you know as soon as we get any kind of decision.

I am soooooooooo excited about this news – J


Well that’s it for now folks. Having been left with some teasers about “doing something in Europe” next year and their desire to represent Georgia again in The Eurovision Song Contest you can rest assured that this is not the last we have seen or heard from the glamorous duo.

We are sure that the European Tour will have been a great success and hope that Scotland or Ireland will be on their tour hit list in the future.

We thank Nodi for taking the time out to chat to us here at Eurovision Ireland and once I have taught him how to use Google Hangout I will be expecting the “Onesie” Interview 😉

Eurovision Ireland's Elaine In Her Georgia Finery

Eurovision Ireland’s Elaine In Her Georgia Finery. Photo : Eurovision Ireland


Author : Elaine Dove

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Aw, fab interview. I liked them at Eurovision. Curious to see what that special “2014 Europe” plan will be 😛

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