Eurovision 2014

Breaking News : Spain – Ruth Lorenzo Makes a Statement on Eurovision 2014

Ruth Lorenzo Eurovision 2014. Photo X-Factor

Ruth Lorenzo Eurovision 2014. Photo X-Factor

Spain will be announcing their artist for Eurovision 2014 shortly and one of the most mentioned names has been former X-Factor singer Ruth Lorenzo. Several news agencies have been speculating that Lorenzo would be flying the Spanish flag in Copenhagen.

Moments ago the Spanish singer took to her official Facebook page to confirm that she has been approached to compete at Eurovision saying

“I’m not gonna lie, yes there have been talks and I repeat what I have always said if the proposal was seriously musical, convincing and consistent with my music project, I’d love to step on that stage and make you feel proud. It would be a big challenge for me. Again, thanks to all for believing in me eurofans, you fill me with life!”

So the reports in the Spanish media were correct that Lorenzo had been approached for Eurovision, however it appears that no deal has been made with the Spanish National Broadcaster on the artistic grounds.

So who does that now leave in contention to represent Spain? Who would be best suited?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Facebook and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Aw, that’s a pity. Mind you, I doubt Spain would be looking to win considering their economic climate.

    • Spain is a real conundrum this year Martin. I am just reading some Spanish sites tonight saying that Ruth may yet be in the running. Spain need a good result this year – and they deserve one too

      • Oh it’s all a bit of a conundrum this year! So many withdrawals. Actually might make it more interesting.

  2. I like Ruth and enjoyed her on X Factor. I wish her all the best. If she is selected though, I hope they have a good song lined up for her to sing as I’m sure she could deliver and give Spain another decent result.

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