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SPAIN : Media Rumours Ruth Lorenzo for Eurovision 2014

Ruth Lorenzo. Photo : Ruth Lorenzo Facebook

Ruth Lorenzo. Photo : Ruth Lorenzo Facebook

Who will represent Spain at Eurovision 2014? Several names have been mentioned but today has come the first strong suggestion that a possible decision is close to being made.

The website (and retail chain) “” have for the past 2 years broken the news on the Spanish Eurovision representative before an official communication. In 2012 they were the first to write of Pastora Soler and in 2013 they did it again with writing of ESDM being internally selected.

Today they have written an article about Ruth Lorenzo – whom we have reported on before – saying that she wants and could be going to Eurovision. Lorenzo came to the attention of the UK and Ireland in the 2008 series of The X-Factor.

Adding fuel to this rumor is that Pastora Soler tweeted this picture (see here) saying

“Yesterday I spent a pleasant and fun time with one of the best voices in this country @ RuthLorenzo1 … Luckily my girl!”

Now “Espacio de Música” have picked up on the story too. Is this the year that Ruth gets to go to Eurovision – as she has been mentioned on previous occassions?

Ruth interestingly has pushed back the release date of her new song “Love Is Dead” until December

Over the summer the the Spanish Eurovision Site ran their annual survey on who would you like to see represent Spain at Eurovision – where Ruth came second

An official communication on the Spanish Eurovision 2014 Representative is expected in the coming weeks.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. So has Ruth established a career for herself in Spain? Is she known? Or this is just a small pool of Eurovision fans voting for her on the back of X Factor fame and a few indie releases?

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