Eurovision 2014

German Eurovision’s “Rags To Riches Story” – Roman Lob

Roman Lob - New Music Coming Soon - Photograph courtesy of Roman Lob Facebook

Roman Lob – New Music Coming Soon – Photograph courtesy of Roman Lob Facebook

Germany’s Roman Lob brought his country to 8th place at the Grand Final Of Eurovision 2012 in Baku. Hi story is certainly the Eurovision “Rags to Riches” Fairytale – Just don’t tell Alexander Rybak that!

Lob was a mechanic working with many an oil rag before he entered “Unser Star für Baku” and since then he has not been under a car engine since.

He recently won the prestigious “Echo Award” beating off stiff German competition from Die Toten Hosen, doctors, Silver Moon and Cro. He proudly displays his award in his home.

The difficult second album (as they say) is nearing completion according to his posts on Facebook. So what sound can one expect from Roman with his new material?

Roman Lob - New Album. Photograph courtesy of Roman Lob Facebook

Roman Lob – New Album. Photograph courtesy of Roman Lob Facebook


Speaking to – he has said that he has been working closely with song writer Thomas D. He is no longer a solo singer as he now has a band – 2 fellow musicians. It is this team that he is working with to create his new album and music.

So what can we expect? “It’s really hard to say. I know it’s still pop – but it’s a bit of R’n’B with it, and a few electronic beats are also there too.”

In 2012 he had just 4 weeks to record the songs for his first album. Songs that were presented to him by the music company at at supersonic speed, but now for his second album he has been given the time to write and produce an album that is more reflective of what he wants to make musically.

Asked if German soul singer Xavier Naidoo was still his musical role model, Lob replied “Now this has changed greatly. I still think he’s a great singer. But in the last fifteen years I have heard a lot of Justin Timberlake. His lyrics, his voice, he is now my absolute role model.”

Roman Lob. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Roman Lob. Photograph courtesy of Facebook


As for his relationship with Stefan Raab, Lob said that he is still in contact with Raab for advice “Yes, of course. Times we write e-mails or I’ll call him when I want to know something. He always has good advice. But the bond is closer to Thomas D. now with whom I hang together almost every day – I use his studio, too. That is worth gold.Whenever I go, I think: one and a half years ago I was still in the workshop and have fiddled in the oil – and now I’m sitting in the studio with Thomas D.”

What would his dream be? “”Roman Lob wins the echo, the MTV Music Awards and the One live crown, all in one year.” That would be great!”

Stay tuned for more news on Roman’s new album.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source and Eurovision Ireland

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