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TURKEY 2014 : Kurdish Cultural Group Offer TRT a Eurovision 2014 Entry

Kurdish Song offered to TRT for Eurovision 2014. Photograph Courtesy of

Kurdish Song offered to TRT for Eurovision 2014. Photograph Courtesy of

We have all heard the news that Turkish Broadcaster TRT has said that they are currently not attending Eurovision 2014 until changes are made to the contest. A meeting was allegedly scheduled between the EBU and TRT to discuss their concerns and possible return to Eurovision. In the meantime TRT have continued with their preparation for Turkvizyon 2013.

News today though is very interesting from Turkey. According to Hurriyet Daily News “A musical association based in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır has applied to state-run TRT television to participate in the 2014 Eurovision song contest with a Kurdish song”.

Kenan Aksu, the head of DİKTUM (Kurdish Culture, Tourism and Music Association), said “Turkey was a country with language, religious and cultural diversity, of which Kurdish was also a part. Diyarbakır is a capital of culture, civilization and music. We will prepare a very good song for the contest. We are ready for it. I believe that we will represent Turkey well and the reactions will be positive,”


Mr Aksu highlighted that a Kurdish song representing Turkey at Eurovision could have a positive impact on the Kurdish peace process. TRT director İbrahim Şahin had said in April 2012 that artists who represent Turkey in the Eurovision were free to compose their works in languages other than Turkish. So a song in Kurdish would be acceptable by their own standards.

Though highly unlikely to happen. it would certainly be an interesting development if TRT were to send a Kurdish song to Eurovision but furthermore TRT have been adamant that they will not return to Eurovision and DIKTUM would need TRT’s EBU membership to attend Eurovision. It is fascinating to see that even with the creation and promotion of Turkvizyon 2013, there is an overwhelming calling from the public for TRT to reverse their stance on participation in Copenhagen next year.

A Kurdish song representing Turkey would be a definite peace-offering to the political situation there. Should Turkey reconsider their stance on Eurovision 2014 participation? Furthermore do you think TRT would accept a Kurdish song representing Turkey on an International stage?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Hurriyet Daily News and Eurovision Ireland





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