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TURKEY and EBU meet to discuss Eurovision 2014

Turkey's Eurovision Winner Sertab Erener. Photograph courtesy of

Turkey’s Eurovision Winner Sertab Erener. Photograph courtesy of

Over the next 2 weeks both TRT (Turkish National Broadcaster) and the EBU’s Broadcasting Committee will meet in Istanbul to talk of the country’s future at Eurovision.

You have all read of the amendments that the EBU have made to the voting practices that will be in place at Eurovision 2014 (here) – well it seems to be these changes may have brought both parties to the negotiating table.

Attention after the EBU Rule Changes were announced then turned to Turkey whom had reservations of the voting system and their announced details of the creation of “TurkVision”. TRT withdrew from the contest over the jury/public split voting procedure and the automatic qualification of the Big 5 to the Grand Final each year. The new amendments may not fulfil all of Turkey’s demands on a return to the contest but it is certainly an olive branch to the broadcaster.

Managing Director of TRT – Mr Ibrahim Şahin – and the Seniors Members of the board at TRT will meet and discuss the new EBU changes to the voting procedure stating

“With the new changes of the rules which will give more transparency about the results, where the juries also will have to explain how they voted the day after the contest, it is of course important to have a chance to object to the results, but our criteria haven’t been met yet.”

He continued by speaking of his reservations on the Big 5

“Think about a country that 10 millions of fans voted for in the contest and then only three people can change the result with 50% of the final results. Jury result should therefore be limited and the public opinion matter most. And there is also an absurdity about the big five (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France) who we think should have to qualify as well via the semi-finals. After the meeting that will be held in two weeks in Istanbul, we will give our final decision about maybe joining the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen.”

Can this last meeting with TRT and the EBU bring Turkey back to Eurovision 2014? We shall know in 2 weeks time.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : EuroVisionary, hü and Eurovision Ireland

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