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ICELAND : Hera Björk Set to Emigrate to South America

Hera Bjork emigrates to South America. Photograph courtesy of RUI

Hera Bjork emigrates to South America. Photograph courtesy of RUI

Iceland’s Eurovision Queen Hera Björk is set to emigrate to South America and leave her beloved Iceland.

Earlier this year Hera won the prestigious “Vina Del Mar Festival” in Chile with the song “Because You Can”. It is one of the most influential festivals in South America and with her win, she was inundated with requests to perform over the continent.


Speaking to in Iceland – “I’ve had to say no to participating in several festivals because I’m too far away,” She says that it is too costly to fly to South America to take part in such festivals and the family made the decision to move to Chile. The move date is set for February 2014.

“Here, there is a huge market. We aim to learn Spanish and see the world, “says Hera. The Björk family will first set up residence in Viña Del Mar, where she won the contest.

Hera says that the music industry in Chile is very much about music festivals and she plans to be very busy next year in her career. She hopes to become a potential judge in the next Viña Del Mar Festival. “It is the carrier contacts I come into as a judge for the competition, which will be useful for me, it will be a reality,” said Hera.

“We jump out into the unknown and trust in God and good fortune.”

Best of luck to the Björk family in their new adventure. “Buena Suerte”


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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