Eurovision Finals 2013

IRELAND : “Steady As You Go” – She Is Back!

Zoe Alexis - Steady As You Go. Photograph courtesy of Zoe Alexis Facebook

Zoe Alexis – Steady As You Go. Photograph courtesy of Zoe Alexis Facebook

She may not have won the Irish Eurovision 2013 song selection but you cannot hold a strong woman down. She is back and we have a teaser for you.

Nicole Scherzinger has even fallen in love with ” Fire” and is hopefully set to record it for her new album. Despite now winning the Irish Eurovision Selection for 2013, Zoe Alexis is set to come back with a follow-up song that sees her reunite with some of her Eurosong Team.

“Steady As You Go” is Zoe’s follow-up song to “Fire”. There has been a lot of interest in Zoe from America, so she is certainly one to watch. Is it time for a return to Eurosong again?

Here is the Teaser for “Steady As you Go”.

You will remember that Zoe sang the song “Fire” in the Irish National Eurovision Final this year. Her video has gained support from “One Direction” fans as she has a big fan in the form of Niall Horan from the band. Both of them are from Mullingar in Ireland and are friends. Hey if One Direction like Zoe – it is good enough for us!

Stay tuned as we will have the new video from Zoe shortly and it will be worth the wait. Would we lie to you!


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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