Eurovision Finals 2013

SWITZERLAND : Diama is Back With Her Video for “La Mossa”

Swiss Eurovision Contestant - Diama - releases her first solo song - the funky ""La Mossa". Photograph courtesy of Soundcloud

Swiss Eurovision Contestant – Diama – releases her first solo song – the funky “”La Mossa”. Photograph courtesy of Soundcloud

Do you remember Six4One at Eurovision in 2006.  “If we all give a Little” is a secret pleasure of mine. Well Swiss singer Diama from the band, has released her first solo song called “La Mossa” and the video for the song has been premiered today.

Diama aka Claudia d’Addio – has released the song “La Mossa” which is an Italian expression meaning “The Brush Off”. As the translation refers to, it is the act of giving a guy the “Brush Off” which is usually accompanied by a swish of the hips, a swirling sound and a kick in the air – I do it all the time and usually add in the word “Hey Girlfriend”.

Well Diama has released the video for the song “La Mossa” and we had to post it. Staying close to the authentic meaning of “La Mossa/The Brush Off”, Diama is all woman from the Kitchen sink, to the field to dancing with her fellow Divas. Diama knows how to work the camera and has some authentic “La Mossa” dance moves too. A video for female empowerment if ever there was one.

Diama has fought to make the music that she wanted to make – it may have 7 years but the result is well worth the wait. I like a strong entho/pop song and this delivers on all fronts. Nothing gimmicky about this if you know about “La Mossa” inspired songs

The song is available now to buy on-line here

You can find out more about Diama on her official website here

Diama’s song is a firm favourite on the playlist of ESC Radio and is the first song from her up and coming album “We’re Not Done”.  Funky R&B track with a great heavy drum beat with a little Dub Step thrown in. Diama’s vocals are strong and powerful or as Tyra Banks would say “Fierce”.

I love this and it is already on my iTunes playlist – My recommendation of the week.

What do you make of “La Mossa”?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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