BELARUS Eurovision 2014 : Well Hello There “Russian Daddy”

DJ Kazimir - A Eurovision prospect for Belarus? Photograph courtesy of DJ

DJ Kazimir – A Eurovision prospect for Belarus? Photograph courtesy of DJ

“Who’s Your Daddy?” or more specifically “Who’s Your Russian Daddy?”

This is the question that we could all be asking when Belarus select their act for Eurovision 2014.

At the recent National Finals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest selection for Belarus, it was rumored that Russian DJ Kazimir – whom also goes by the name of the “Russian Daddy” – could be in the running to compete for the Belarus 2014 Eurovision Selection.

BRTC stepped in and said this was not true at this moment in time. But how many times have Belarus changed their mind on their Eurovision Act and Song? Well I have run out of fingers and toes at this stage.

According to DJ Kazimir’s website “Kazimir is the apocalypse of the nightlife you knew before him. He’s not old. He’s a super star!!! “Russian daddy”- as people refer to him. Old chap Kazimir established himself as professional hitmaker and successful European remixer. He is a completely new phenomenon in European club movement.”

Well that sounds like he would give “Solayho” a run for its money and when you see his video where he has a boxing match with a Ballerina – the “Russian Daddy” becomes interesting Eurovision prospect.

Best way to describe DJ Kazimir is a cross between ZZ Top and David Guetta. Belarus could be onto something here. BRTC should not be too quick to shoot this Act down!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : 12

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