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Eurovision Winner Sent to Lapland for TV Show

Eurovision Winner sent to Lappland for TV Show. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision Winner sent to Lapland for TV Show. Photograph courtesy of

I thought that only Santa lived in Lapland but that seems not the case. A Eurovision Winner found themselves in a disused Railway station for 3 days. Who, What and WHY?

All will be revealed in the new television series of SVT’s “Sapmi Sessions” that is due to air at the start of 2014. However the secret is out. Sarah Dawn Finer has had her way and has sent “Lolo – Up Up Up” north to Lapland for a 3 day recording experience like no other.

The next season of the “Sapmi Sessions” sees Eurovision winner Loreen take part in the show. The concept of the show is that a famous singer is sent to a remote location for 3 days and has to write and record a new song with people that they have never met or worked with before.

Loreen in Lappland. Photograph courtesy of Tumblr and

Loreen in Lapland. Photograph courtesy of Tumblr and


An old abandoned railway station near the Norwegian border in Lapland (North of Sweden) was the location for the show.

Loreen said “It was powerful to write and produce in a place that is so far-off and as quiet as Vassijaure. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and some of the sharpest creative people I’ve worked with. This trip gave me perspective on myself”

Loreen was working with a group called “Same-People” and said of them “Immense respect to the Same and their knowledge. We have much to learn from them and their way of managing the land we walk on, very grateful”

Henrik Burman, producer at SVT, said of the recent recordings of the show “It’s incredibly beautiful and to make a TV production in this place is very thankful, it’s like a bubble. Then the contestants have to both write the song and record it in three days with someone they’ve never met before. That creates an extreme focus and there will be a lot of emotions”

Was 3 days long enough – To record a song! I know what some of you were thinking of.

The show is set to air in early 2014


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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