Eurovision Finals 2012

HUNGARY – A Eurovision “Storm” is coming your way!

Compact Disco - "The Storm". Photograph courtesy of

Compact Disco – “The Storm”. Photograph courtesy of


Fast becoming our favorite band from Eurovision in recent years – we have a “teaser” for you!

You know that we have lots of love for the guys from “Compact Disco” who represented Hungary at Euroviion 2012 – making the Grand Final. We recently recommended their song “We Will Not Go Down” to everyone as an amazing single – see here

Well the band are teasing us with the upcoming release of their new album “The Storm”. The 20 second teaser already has me sweating and breathing heavily as this is going to be an amazing album!

The band was earlier this month on “Class FM” in Hungary where they were debuting some of the new material from their upcoming album. We already know that “We Will Not Go Down” is on the album – which we think is amazing, but “The Storm” continues this wonderful 80’s yet current vibe that the band are experts in.

Strong melodies, infectious hooks, and a thumping bet that just makes you want to get up and dance – like hundreds of thousands of people have done on the band’s current tour of Hungary. Yes they like to tour and the public like to see them judging from the reaction from their fans.

Think Depeche Mode meets classic Duran Duran and you get the wonderful Compact Disco.

You can hear their amazing remixes of their previous material on their Soundcloud page here

Stay Tuned for more news on the band’s release of their new album. They are hitting all the right notes for us!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and Soundcloud

Photograph courtesy of

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