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MALTA : Is it time for Ira Losco to return to Eurovision?

Ira Losco - "The Fire". Picture courtesy of Allen Venebals

Ira Losco – “The Fire”. Picture courtesy of Allen Venebals

Ira Losco brought Malta to a very close second place at Eurovision in 2002 with “Seventh Wonder”. She has gone on to become one of the most successful Maltese singers of all time. Is it time for her to return to Eurovision 2014? We look at her latest album “The Fire” as an indication of her musical star quality.

Ira’s latest album “The Fire” has spent a staggering 11 consecutive weeks in the #1 position on the Maltese  iTunes charts. Her first 3 singles from “The Fire” have gone to #1. Currently “Me Luv U Long Time” has been at #1 for the last 2 weeks and shows no sign of being knocked off the Top Spot.

Ira Losco - "The Fire". Photograph courtesy of Kurt Paris

Ira Losco – “The Fire”. Photograph courtesy of Kurt Paris

Ira has just released the video for “Me Luv U Long Time”, that was directed by Francis Ghersci. This is a song and video that looks like it could have come from the Vintage House of Gaga but – in Losco’s own fashion. The song has a dance and ska feel to it which is highly infectious. As for the video – it has an vanguard look and feel to it, thanks to the black and white Masquerade Ball effects.

Ira’s team have described the video “It depicts Ira Losco alongside an older version of herself, where they’re both dressed in the same attire, possibly suggesting that they are the same person. This is complimented with another scene where she finds herself in a burlesque-styled banquet, surrounded by guests who are acting over friendly. One particular scene, which is very artistic, is where the director plays with the use of light vs. shadow as well as whites vs. blacks, reminiscent of the underlying two-tone Ska feel of the song. This is mostly evident in the dub step breakdown part of the song.”

Ira’s first 2 singles from “The Fire” have already gone to #1 – “ What I’d Give” and “ The Person I Am” in the local charts, thus sending “The Fire” on to potentially being her best-selling album to date.

Speaking on the creation of the album Losco said “Writing this album was like a release. There was so much I wanted to say and experiment with. I had no inhibitions and I wanted to bare my soul without setting any parameters. Many a time artists find themselves constrained through a genre because their music is pigeon-holed. ”

“The Fire” is available for download on iTunes here and you can follow Ira on her official Facebook Page here

It would be amazing to see Ira Losco back at Eurovision again – especially having listened to her new music –  and we always love a returning artist to the contest. Europe needs to see and hear her music again!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I would support her return. She ‘s got an interesting singing career and its style has matured a lot. Malta should give her another try. We haven’t had any female Maltese singer these last 3 years.

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