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FYR MACEDONIA Select Eurovision 2014 Artist – But who is Tijana Dapčević?

Tijana. FYR Macedonian Eurovision Contestant for 2014. Photograph courtesy of tekstovi-pesama.

Tijana. FYR Macedonian Eurovision Contestant for 2014. Photograph courtesy of


MRT (FYR Macedonian National Broadcaster) yesterday officially announced that they will be represented by the singer Tijana Dapčević at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest!

From the offset we think that FYR Macedonia have just scored a  major “Eurovision Goal” with Tijana’s selection for the contest. She has to be every man’s dream woman – She is stunning looking , talented and from this recent song she is a huge “Football Fan”. I would expect that if she presented Match of The Day the viewership would double!

For people who are not familiar with Tijana, we thought that  we would profile the singer for you. She currently resides in Serbia but is originally from Macedonia. Eurovision is in the family genetics, as her sister Tamara represented Macedonia at the contest in 2008 along with Adrian and Vrčak. Their song “Let Me Love You” came 10th in the second semi final but the Jury had placed Sweden’s Charlotte Perrelli higher and thus Tamara and FYR Macedonia missed out on a place in the Grand Final.

Tijana is not a shy character to say the least. One of her hit songs is “Sve je isto, samo njega nema” (All Is The Same, Only He Is Not Here), where the “He”she sings about if former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. The song was performed in all the dialects of the former Yugoslav state – Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene, and Macedonian.

In 2002 she took first place at the prestigious “Sunčane skale” festival performing the song “Negativ” which she included on her second album of the same title. She has also won first place on the “Serbian Radio Festival-Feras” in 2006 with the song “Julijana”. So winning song contests is somewhat of a routine – and the say the third one is a charm!

2006 saw Tijana enter Evropesma 2006 (The Song for Europe in the former Serbia and Montenegro). She placed 8th with the song “Greh” or “Sin”. “Greh” was included on her next album Žute minute, which was released in the summer of 2007.

Tijana has had 5 albums from 2001 to 2010 and then a compilation album aptly entitled “Platinium Collection” in 2011.

We love how MRT made a big event of announcing Tijana as their Eurovision Contestant and making it the main news on TV. Not many other countries take the contest this seriously. If you are representing the UK you get one minute on the sofa at the end of his chat show and a sip of cheap wine! Not in Macedonia!

To say that Tijana is popular in the Balkan Region is an understatement. Her edgey look, her mix of musical genres and pure likability factor, should see her pick up nearly all of the Balkan 12 points – unless Dino Merlin or Željko Joksimović or Marija Šerifović return to the contest – all highly unlikely.

A very smart and popular choice for FYR Macedonia. Now they just need to make sure that they pick the right song! It is expected that Tijana’s song will be premiered in February – either through and internal selection or a national song selection tv show. Either way – without hearing a note of her song – FYR Macedonia surely must have one foot in the Grand Final of Eurovision already? The Macedonian fan sites are right to be very excited with Tijana’s selection. To put it into perspective it would almost be like Adele being selected to sing for the UK – Huge news.

From now on we shall be referring to Tijana as the “BBB” – The “Balkan Blonde Bombshell”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source ; Eurovision Ireland and MRT

Photograph courtesy of

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  1. Not sure about her vocals but the looks are there for sure…but then…how many got to the finals without the vocals…we need to wait and see

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