Eurovision Finals 2013

NORWAY : Annsofi releases 2 new songs

Annsofi returns with 2 new songs. Photograph courtesy of

Annsofi returns with 2 new songs. Photograph courtesy of

You may remember Annsofi who sang in the final of MGP in Norway this year. Annsofi sang the Alexander Rybak composed song “I’m With You” and placed 4th in the final.

Since then Annsofi has continued to work with JP Paulsen – who was also involved with “I’m With You”. The result is 2 new songs.

The first one is “Don’t Slaughter Me” which was produced by the award-winning producer Kyrre Fritzner. According to Paulsen this song came about after “Alexander’s graduation concert at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. Hate mail poured into the comments section of a major Norwegian newspaper that had published the graduation concert. We’ve read some of the things that people wrote ourselves. When you feel like you know a person, and people who don’t know this person write very ugly things about someone they haven’t even met, it does something to you. You respond, and in this case my reaction was to write lyrics in which I tried to put myself into the mind-set of some of the online bullies”

The lyrics from the song take on a very relevant meaning when the media is full of stories of internet bullying and the lyric video certainly highlights this. A mid-tempo song that is very much in the style of Taylor Swift.

Annsofi’s second song is “Before I Go”. This is Annsofi’s debut as a songwriter. “Within a short period of time she experienced two sudden deaths within her circle of friends. One of them was among those killed in the tragic 22/7 terror on Utøya. When another one passed away only a few months later, my mother encouraged me to try to express what I felt through music”. The song is a haunting ballad where she questions her loss and why things happen. For one so young this is a very mature song.

This song is also produced by Kyrre Fritzner and it has a wonderfully simplicity about it. Annsofi’s voice is husky, distinctive and passionate. This is a young talent that we think should try MGP again!


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Rybak Facebookies and Eurovision Ireland

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