Eurovision Finals 2013

SWEDEN : Eric Saade releases title video of “Forgive Me” album

Eric Saade - "Forgive Me". Photograph courtesy of

Eric Saade – “Forgive Me”. Photograph courtesy of

Eric Saade has come a long way since his 3rd place finish at Eurovision 2011 with “Popular”. He has just released the video for the title track of his upcoming album “Forgive Me”.

This is an RnB ballad and sees a very stripped back video where Eric is not the central character in the video. The song is not highly produced like many of his other songs. This is a modern ballad that is pure and simple yet has an adult content to it – unlike his previous offerings.

The video sees glimpses of Eric Saade while we look at a couple going through a relationship that is abusive and sexual at times. Shot in black and white, it has a slightly stark and at times disturbing feel to it. The video leaves the viewer imagining what happens next – which is always more intriguing.

By far the most mature topic Eric has sung of in his career to date. A surprise – yet a pleasant one. As we said this is the title track of Eric’s new album “Forgive Me” that will be released on August 28th. “Forgive me” is also available now of Eric’s 4 track EP “Coming Home” which you can download now here

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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