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IRELAND : Jedward and Louis Walsh Part Ways

Louis Walsh waves Jedward Goodbye. Photograph courtesy of

Louis Walsh waves Jedward Goodbye. Photograph courtesy of

Music Mogul Louis Walsh is alleged to have finished his management of Jedward according to the “Sun” newspaper today. Is this the end of the duo?

In the “Sun” newspaper today it is claimed that Jedward and Louis Walsh have parted ways. Liam McKenna – their tour manager – is now working with Louis on other projects.

So who is managing Jedward now? Well it is none other than their mother – who has been with them all the way through their rise to fame. So this is certainly a new start for the boys as they take on the Industry themselves.

Jedward and their new manager -  Mum Susanna? Photograph courtesy of comtact

Jedward and their new manager – Mum Susanna? Photograph courtesy of comtact

Too many times they have been written off and yet their energy and fans have come to their rescue. We are expecting an Ed Sheeran penned song for the guys – we have a hunch as there is a serious “Bromance” going on there.

What do you think is next for the twins?

Well just 6 hours ago they tweeted that they are releasing “Luminous” again and were on the Scott Mills show for that. They also confirmed via Twitter that their 4th album is in production so it is not the end of the twins. Eurosong 2014 gets closer in our minds!

We think Luminous should have been their Eurovision entry for 2012 – You agree?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – The Sun

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  1. I’m with Juliet and River – the Twins were badly done by for ESC 2012, and although they made a sterling effort with Waterline, either Luminous or What’s Your Number? would have been far better – and incidentally they were what they wanted to sing in the first place.

    Susanna does a brilliant job as their road manager – she’s got their best interests at heart. Interestingly they seem to have achieved a whole lot more that fits *them* than what they were doing with Louis. I don’t think parting ways with him is a bad thing in the slightest.

    • Good points Lisa – Agree on 2012 – even though we loved “Waterine” too but think that Luminous and Waht’s Your Number would have scored higher. The future is theirs and we know that their energy and positively will win through

  2. I absolutely agree, this is a new start for the boys, and I’m very positive about the future. I also agree Luminous should have been there Eurovision song. Hopefully now they will be free to decide things like this for themselves.

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