Eurovision Finals 2013

IRELAND : Major Embarrassment for Brian Kennedy’s Song Contest

Brian Kennedy. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Brian Kennedy. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

2006 Irish Eurovision Representative Brian Kennedy is not going to make the Top 10 this time around at a song contest. In fact he is lucky to be in the Irish Top 100 this week with his song on the new RTE tv show “The Hit”.

Brian Kennedy selected the song “Try” last Friday in the show and it was expected that he could possibly have scored #1. This could not be further from the truth. At last night’s chart, Brian Kennedy was at #94 in the Irish download chart, while his rival Ryan O’Shaughnessy was at #8 with his song from the show “Who Do You Love”.

According to the Irish Mirror newspaper “Worried Brian had been asking celebrities – including Sile Seoige, Graham Norton and Ronan Keating – to promote the song on Twitter. But despite his push, and constant promotion since Friday on 2fm, nothing is making people want to download the song. He also told a fan on Twitter: “It’s tough to sell records!”

Well we would suggest to Brian that he should have been like Ryan and had his video uploaded onto YouTube for a start. Still you cannot see his performance from last Friday unless through the RTE player. On the other side – Ryan O’Shaughnessy had his video uploaded onto YouTube the following day – Saturday August 3rd

One could say that Ryan has the social media savvy over the more mature Bryan Kennedy. It is a shame as we rather like Brian’s song – but now he is destined to be publicly embarrassed when the charts close on Friday. This is sending out a warning to the other contestants – including our Eurovision hero Johnny Logan who competes on the show this Friday – that they need to get out there and promote their song.

For Brian Kennedy – “Every song is a cry for SLAES”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – iTunes, Mirror and Eurovision ireland

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  1. Yeah I agree. I know it costs money for cd singles, but the artists need to have a campaign trail during the week and appear at a few music shops, sign copies of the single etc. For these artists, I know the’ye only appearing in a TV show. The real truth is if they love the song they’ve released, they’ll put it on their next album. That’s the true test of how much they like it, not just recording it because they’ve a contract with RTE. I feel sorry for the songwriters. while its a great chance for them to get known, they do need a famous celebrity releasing the song (not in Ireland) but in the UK, and the only person I’ve seen on ‘The Hit’ that can make that happen and sell thousands of copies of a single in the UK is Nicky Byrne. Get him out from in front of the camera, into the studio, let him record the winning song from the final, dn all the Westlife fans will buy it and it’ll be a Top 5 UK hit. No disrespect to the other artists taking part. Sad, but true!

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