Eurovision Finals 2013

SWEDEN : Eric Saade Unplugged

Eric Saade - "Winning Ground". Photograph courtesy of Tumbler

Eric Saade – “Winning Ground”. Photograph courtesy of Tumbler

Sweden’s Eurovision 2011 representative and Green Room Presenter at Eurovision 2013 – Eric Saade performs the Women’s Football Championship Anthem “Winning Ground” unplugged.

On recent Swedish daytime TV he took to the stage with his own football team of singers/band to perform an unplugged version of “Winning Ground”.

The football chant like vocals of his singers, make the unplugged version of the song much more enjoyable. For the people who always criticize Eric for his vocals or lack of – well he certainly gives them a red card as he sings lead and pretty darn well – he is a pop singer with a pop voice!

You just have to ask yourself why the unplugged version was not the final version of the song – as it is far more enjoyable.

This version of “Winning Ground” should be very “Popular” and prove that Eric is certainly no “Manboy” – just pure Man these days!

What do you think of the performance? – and we know there will lots of critics out there trying to come up with the best one liner sucker punch to his performance?

We are on the Eric train these days with the more mature sound and look.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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