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Eurovision Friday Favorites – The Parody Eurovision Videos

"Happy Friday - Bottoms Up". Photograph courtesy of

“Happy Friday – Bottoms Up”. Photograph courtesy of

It’s Friday and that means we are kicking your weekend off in style! They do say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” so I guess these fan videos are an homage to the Eurovision singers – well possibly not all of them but they are funny. So this somes with a warning – “Keep the volume down” if you are listening to these in the office. If you are in the office – then get back to work!


Moje 3 represented Serbia this year at Eurovision in Sweden. Unfortunately for the girls they failed to make it to the Grand Final – but that was probably due to the fact that they were missing their 4th member of the band. Luckily we found their quartet rehearsal and all we can say is “Prepare to be Amazed”. If she had been with the girls in Malmo, it would have been 12 Points from every country! You will look at this one time and time again – TRUST ME!


Loreen seems to be a favorite to be parodied on YouTube, but our favorite actually comes from Ireland where a Dublin bar – “Pantibar” – was promoting their Eurovision Party for 2012. Of course they were supporting Loreen and made this EUPHORIC video parody – complete with makeshift wind machine, snow, hairspray and yoga inspired dance moves. This is genius and deserves to be shown again. Enjoy!

Now we are staying with Sweden for the next parody from Eric Saade. We give you wonderful “The Parody Guys”. They have made some fantastic videos over the years and this is a “Popular” one. They even have Eric taking out the competition in the video from Norway’s Stella Mwangi, Finland’s Paradise Oscar to Israel’s own Dana International. Hats off  to the Parody Guys – Awesome Job!


You just can’t keep a good guy down – so “The Parody Guys” came back again in 2012 with their homage to the lovable “Babushkas”. The “Grannies” as they were fondly called, even saw the video themselves and sent the guys the message “Dear friends! Thank you for your support! We are very glad that you are artistic and with a good sense of humor. We hope that our performance at Eurovision-2012 give you great pleasure and joy. Transfer ALL huge hello and wish you a good mood. Team Buranovskie Grandma. Village Buranovo, Udmurtia, Russia.”

If you have not seen this then you are in for a treat!


What do you get if you mix Eimear Quinn’s “The Voice” with a Norwegian Country Band? Answer – “Døsty Cowshit” – I kid you not!! They were formed in 1991 and they primarily cover songs in a country-style. They even made the final of the Norwegian National Selection in 2007 and came 4th with the song “Chicken Rodeo”. Well they decided to take the Irish winning entry from 1996 – “The Voice” and give it the “Ye Ha” treatment. What you get is a cross dressing stripping cowboy! And people say that nobody pays any attention to Eurovision – I don’t think so!

More One Letter Missing Song Titles

Now we have many more parody videos so we think we will hold onto some of them until next Friday. To finish off we have more from our friends at 12Points.TV who have come up with more Eurovision song titles that if you leave out one letter in the title – well it changes the song completely! Thanks again to our friend Louis Klomp for them again.

Have a great weekend guys and remember – wear sun screen – Oh and clothes too! You don’t want to be “Playing with Fire”!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and

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