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BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Watch Deen’s new video – He’s all grown up!

Deen - "Rane Manje Bole". Eurovision Representative in 2004 for Bosnia Herzegovina. Photograph courtesy of

Deen – “Rane Manje Bole”. Eurovision Representative in 2004 for Bosnia Herzegovina. Photograph courtesy of

You remember Deen who asked us to join him “In The Disco” at Eurovision 2004. Well he represented Bosnia & Herzegovina and brought the country to 9th place in the Grand Final with his catchy hip swaying moves with the Ladies.

He looked like he was straight out of a Boy Band and as innocent as they come. Gone is that image (and hair – it happens to the best of us) and replaced by a rather…..what is the word I am looking for….”Exhibitionist” man. Here he is with the rather stunning – and rather under dressed Verena, when they released the song “Voli Me Hitno” earlier this year. Intimate is almost too timid a word for this TV performance. Neither Verena’s dress or their performance leave much to the imagination. Still a good club track that was a hit.

Last week Deen released his own new solo song “Rane manje bole”. Coupled with a slightly ambiguous at times video – it is a road trip dance trip fueled video with plenty of alcohol thrown in for good measure. Again a strong club song that after 2 listens to I am hooked on. Take your t-shirts off and blow your whistles (if they still do that these days). However in less that 2 weeks the song is well over 200 thousand hits on YouTube alone. Great dance song and Deen’s vocals are much more radio friendly in 2013. Liking this one.


Should Bosnia & Herzegovina return to Eurovision 2014 – could Deen be a possible representative for them? He is very popular at home. Just in case you can’t remember Deen as a young blonde guy at Eurovision in Istanbul – hear he is again.

Are you liking the new and improved Deen?

We certainly are!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source  – Eurovision Ireland

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