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SPAIN Eurovision 2014 : “Talent Search Thursday’s” Spanish Edition

Monica Naranjo - one of our picks to represent Spain at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Monica Naranjo – one of our picks to represent Spain at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Who will represent Spain at Eurovision 2014? As it is the “Thursday Talent Search” here at Eurovision Ireland we thought we would speak to some of our Spanish readers and get their opinions on who would be a strong representative for Spain at Eurovision 2014.

So who do we think could bring Spain to the Top 10 at Eurovision 2014?

  • Monica Naranjo
  • Ruth Lorenzo
  • David Bustamante
  • La Casa Azul

There has been a lot of media coverage about Diana Navarro and how she has said publicly that she would like to represent her country and music at Eurovision – so we thought it would be good to mention the above artists also. There is no doubting that Diana Navarro would be amazing on a Eurovision stage also.

Monica Naranjo

In 1994 Monica recorded her debut album, “Mónica Naranjo”, after being signed to Sony Music. The album gave Monica many hits including “Sola” and “Fuego de pasión”. Later she was nominated for the “Eres Awards”. In November 1995 Monica performed at Mexico City’s Metropolitan Theater which was a huge accomplishment.

In 1997 she released her second album, “Palabra de Mujer”. The album was a commercial success and managed to sell more than 2 million copies in the United States, Latin America and Spain with songs like “Entender el amor and Las campanas del amor”.

In 2000 she released her third album,Minage which was a tribute to the Italian singer Mina.

Since then she has released several more albums and scored several #1 singles in Spain like “Enamorada de ti”, “Europa” and “Amor y lujo” whilst still constantly touring in Spain and Latin America.

Monica is a passionate singer and her stage performances are always stunning. She is a  Diva but has the amazing husky voice to back up her claim to the title. She would be a visual and vocal feast at Eurovision. Please TVE speak to Monica Naranjo for Eurovision 2014!!

Ruth Lorenzo

Now we have already written about Ruth Lorenzo on our site as we are very familiar with her. She appeared on the X-Factor in the UK in 2008 and came 5th. She has said that she would like to enter Eurovision either for Spain or the United Kingdom. She was a firm favorite of music mogul Simon Cowell.

Lorenzo was approached by Spanish TV Channel Cuatro and asked to write a song for the fictional drama “Valientes”. She accepted and composed two songs for the show, one for the opening (‘Quiero Ser Valiente’) and one for the end credits (‘Te Puedo Ver’). Ruth has also written songs for Dannii Minogues comeback album. 

Ruth has released her debut album “Raspberry Pattern” in both the UK and Spain. The first song from the album, “Burn” was released in Spain and reached #16 in the charts.

Ruth is a rock singer at heart, as she proved on X-Factor, but as you can hear in “The Night”, she can turn her hand to dance music too. Again another strong female singer that Spain has at the ready for Eurovision – and she said she would like to perform too at the contest.

David Bustamante

Now it’s time for some serious testosterone in the form of David Bustamante. You know you are successful when you are known just by one name and that is the case for David – as he is more commonly known as “Bustamente”. He shot to fame on the Spanish talent television show “Operación Triunfo” – that brought us Rosa and the song “Europe’s Living a Celebration” and gave Spain it’s best placing at Eurovision since 2002. David came third in the contest that year in Spain but has gone on to much success following the show.

To date he has sold over 2 million albums in Spain and Latin America and has 2 very well known fans – Ricky Martin and Mark Anthony – who would be classed as artists of David’s genre of music. Not only this but David has had two of his albums produced by highly successful men. Emelio Estefan (Of The Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan fame) was the main producer on the album Así soy yo (That’s the way I am).

From this, David went on in 2011 to have “Mio” produced by Christian Leuzzi who is one of Celine Dion’s main producers. David is a Latin Pop singer and this is a sound that will translate well at Eurovision. The man has an amazing voice and certainly knows how to use his handsome good looks on camera – so you would be assured of a strong performance from him. Again TVE please speak to David Bustamante.

In case you needed another reason to like David – he only recorded the above duet with Spanish Eurovision favorite Pastora Soler. All the Eurovision credentials are there for him to be a success in 2014 at the contest.

La Casa Azul

Now we are taking a shot in the dark with this one. “La Casa Azul” have to be one of the best acts that have never made it to Eurovision from Spain. In 2008 they came third in the Spanish National Eurovision Final with the amazing song “La Revolución Sexual”. When you think that Spain sent Rodolfo Chikilicuatre to Belgrade – you have to ask “Why?”. Well ireland sent a Turkey that year so who are we to judge! But this song La Casa Azul is amazing and was one of the most successful Spanish Eurovision related songs in Latin American history.

La Casa Azul are a band that remind me of  “Jamiroquai” with a more defined pop sound to them. Created and fronted by the producer Guille Milkyway – they also contain David, Virginia, Oscar, Clara and Sergio – who appear in the videos but never perform live with him – it is always Milkyway on his own. No matter who is in the band, they are a great funky/indie band. We are not sure if they are even still performing, but up until last year we saw this great song from them

They are an Independent Band and produce their music on their record label ElefantRecords – so they are a true home-grown talent and rather unique. Personally I would love to see them at Eurovision. TVE – I hope you are listening!

So there you have our selection of possible candidates for Spain at Eurovision 2014. One thing for sure is that there is certainly no shortage of great musical talent in Spain – TVE just needs to engage with them and get them to enter Eurovision 2014!

What do you think of our selection of Spanish artists for Eurovision 2014?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland


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