Eurovision Friday Favorites – Ireland V Azerbaijan in the “Lovely Horse Races”

"My Lovely Horse" - Father Ted's Eurovision Entry for Ireland - Photograph courtesy of

“My Lovely Horse” – Father Ted’s Eurovision Entry for Ireland – Photograph courtesy of

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday and it can mean only one thing – “Friday Favorites”. Something Eurovision related to put a smile on your face and start the weekend off. Well it looks as it we have a battle today between Ireland and Azerbaijan in the equestrian Eurovision stakes.

For all our International readers – there was a wonderful comedy show called “Father Ted” that was based on a rather unlikely parish of priests in a remote island off the coast of Ireland. Well they did a wonderful episode where they tried to enter the Eurovision Song Contest – and with ultimately disastrous results. They made this hilarious video for their song “My Lovely Horse” that is just comedy genius. I will let the video do all the talking.

Now not to be outdone by Ireland – our good friends in Azerbaijan have released this video from an artist that would like to represent them ay Eurovision 2014. Now he has gone for the donkey and he even throws in some sexy pole dancing on the back of the cart – you know Farid has upped the standard since this year’s Eurovision 2013 performance. “Elnur” serenades his trusted Donkey through a dub step beat and the bribe of fresh hay and hugs. This put a smile on our face as the video is entitled “Eurovision Azerbaijan 2014” – I know where my 12 points are going next year!

Both of these Eurovision related songs have brought a smile to our faces and hopefully yours too. Is it Ireland or Azerbaijan for you?

Happy Weekend guys!

Author/Website co-fonder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland




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