Eurovision Finals 2013

Norway – Adelen is set for “World Domination”

Adelen - Runner up at MGP in Norway 2013 - set for super stardom. Photograph courtesy of

Adelen – Runner up at MGP in Norway 2013 – set for super stardom. Photograph courtesy of

Adelen – the runner-up in the Norwegian National Final for Eurovision 2013 MGP – may indeed have the biggest success from this year’s Eurovision hopefuls. Music Mogul – Simon Fuller – has just signed the 16-year-old singer to his stable of acts which includes The Beckhams, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few. He was at one time the man behind The Spice Girls rise to super stardom.

The news of Adelen came from Norway’s VG Newspaper and really should not be a surprise to anyone. We had reported that despite coming second at MGP with “Bombo” , her record went on to be the biggest selling song from the Norwegian Selection and even went Top 5 in Denmark. Yes the vocals were a little pitchy at MGP – well if I was a 16-year-old performing to several million – well I wouldn’t even get on that stage to begin with.

Adelen has to be a dream come true for Simon Fuller. Having a Norwegian Father and a Spanish Mother – it is the perfect opportunity to break the South American and USA Markets. “Bombo” is already making waves in America where it was firm favorite at Spring Break in Cabo this year. Cabo and Bombo is the perfect combination. Expect to see and hear a lot more of Adelen in the coming years. Now time to get my maracas out (again)!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source VG, Wiwi Blogs and Eurovision Ireland

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