Eurovision Finals 2013

OGAE : NORWAY wins Second Chance Eurovision 2013 Contest

OGAE Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Votes Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

The OGAE (Official Eurovision Fan Network) “Second Chance Contest” was hosted in Spain recently. This is a time-honored tradition run every year since 1987. The National branches of OGAE select a non winning song from their National Selection. The members of the clubs then vote on all the “Second Chance” entries from across the OGAE network and deliver their votes in the normal Eurovision fashion and we have a “Second Chance Eurovision Winner”.

Last year Spain’s Pastora Soler won the contest with her National Final Song “Tu vida es tu vida”. So who would take the crown this year? 15 countries participated this year and their National Final Songs were as follows

01. NORWAY: Adelen – “Bombo” 

02.  GREECE: Alex Leon feat. Georgina – “Angel” 

03.  ICELAND: Ylva Hreindís Svavar og Knutur – “Lífið snýst” 

04.  BELGIUM: Roberto Belarrosa – “Reste toi”  

05. FINLAND: Mikael Saari – “We Should Be through” 

06. SPAIN: The Dream Morpheus – “Dare”  

07.  GERMANY: Blitzkids MVT – “Hearts on the line” 

08.  LITHUANIA: Gabrielius Vagelis – “sacrifise” 

09.  SWEDEN: YOHIO – “Heartbreak Hotel”  

10.  SERBIA: Dusan Svilar – “Spas” 

11.  ITALY: Malika Ayane – “E poi” 

12.  HUNGARY: Gigi Radics – “ugy faj”  

13.  ISRAEL: Asi Tal – “All Night” 

14.  IRELAND: Aimee Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down”  

15.  AUSTRIA: Yela – “Feels like home”

Here is the video of the song intros and voting from each of the countries



The final results after all 15 OGAE Branches Voted were as follows

1. NORWAY: Adelen – “Bombo”

2. ITALY: Malika Ayane – “E poi”

3. HUNGARY: Gigi Radics – “ugy faj”

4. SWEDEN: YOHIO – “Heartbreak Hotel”

5. FINLAND: Mikael Saari – “We Should Be through”

6. SERBIA: Dusan Svilar – “Spas”

7. GERMANY: Blitzkids MVT – “Hearts on the line”

8. BELGIUM: Roberto Belarrosa – “Reste toi”

9. AUSTRIA: Yela – “Feels like home”

10. ISRAEL: Asi Tal – “All Night”

11. GREECE: Alex Leon feat. Georgina – “Angel”

12. ICELAND: Ylva Hreindís Svavar og Knutur – “Lífið snýst”

13. LITHUANIA: Gabrielius Vagelis – “sacrifise”

14. IRELAND: Aimee Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down”

15. SPAIN: The Dream Morpheus – “Dare”

Adelen and her song “Bombo” has gone on to be a huge success in Norway and Scandinavia and has seen her signed to Simon Fuller’s agency in America – read here

Would Adelen have have won Eurovision for Norway? One can only speculate.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE, Wiwi-Blogs

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