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Friday Favorites at Eurovision Ireland with FYR Macedonia and Spain

"Friday Favorites" at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of

“Friday Favorites” at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of

“Thank Crunchie it’s Friday” and in our new Friday slot at Eurovision Ireland, we are looking for you to tell us what your Eurovision favorites are – whether they are your favorites for the quality of the song or because they make you laugh every time you see them. We want to know what puts a smile on your face – and keep it clean people! It can be from the Eurovision or a National Final. This is your “Friday Favorites” that will start your weekend off with a bang (wrong choice of words knowing some of our target audience)

For this first Friday I am going to chose 2 of my favorites – for completely different reasons. Let me take you to the FYR Macedonian National finals of 2009 and 2011. A former punk rocker called Rok Agresori decided to leave the mosh pits and head banging for the “Ding Dong Clucking” of Eurovision glory.

He first came to our attention in the 2009 FYR Macedonian National Final with the song “Ding Dong” where the only words are literally “Ding Dong”. Dressed like a grown man in a boy scout uniform about to take part in a “Carry On” movie, this brings a smile to my face. He is accompanied on stage by 3 “Barbara Windsor” nymphs that seem to have the effect of excitement, terror and a heart attack at the same time – on poor Rok. What were you thinking Macedonia!! This would have beaten Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale” by a landslide – love it!

Just when you think it couldn’t get any stranger, he comes back for more in 2011. Oh this song and performance was brought to you courtesy of KFC – complete with 2 sides of stripping women. Rok comes to the stage this time dressed as a chicken that would give Bjork’s Oscar dress a run for it’s money. We haven’t a clue what he is singing about but the clucking sounds that he makes belong on “Old McDonald’s Farm”. Even with the sound turned off you will enjoy this performance. It is the song that just keeps giving and giving and giving. I feel a case of the Bird Flu coming on. Macedonia have to send him to Eurovision some day! The man is my legend and one of my “Friday Favorites”

Now for one of my “WOW” moments at Eurovision. I remember sitting in the audience at the then “Point Depot Theatre” in Dublin in 1995 and watching a young Spanish singer with a huge voice take to the stage. This performance still sends chills down my spine today. Anabel Conde with the song  “Vuelve conmigo” just blew me away. The fact that my final exams for my degree were starting the following Monday – those 3 minutes on that Saturday night made me forget about Business Management, Politics and Sociology.

Passion and pure class on the stage, I felt sure we were off to Spain for the 1996 edition of Eurovision. I am still confused (like I was the following Monday when sitting my first exam) as to how Spain and Anabel did not win the Eurovision that year. In my mind she won and graciously gave Norway the trophy to mind for the year. It is one of those songs that makes you long for the live orchestra back at Eurovision again. Vamos Anabel

So there you have it. 2 “Friday Favorites” to start your weekend off. Why don’t you tell us some of your Eurovision favorites that bring a smile to your face when you see or hear them. Mail us here at with the title of your mail “Friday Favorites” and your videos and reasons why these are your moments to remember at Eurovision.

Hope Rok and Anadel bring a smile to your face this Friday – and if they don’t well then no Crunchy bar for you!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Amazing Danny Saucedo. Even if it did win melodifesetilaven in 2012 it would of also won the contest in Baku. The perfect choreography and catchy hook and modern songs would have had the same impact that loreen did on the european charts

    for a funny performance i have to pick verka for ukraine 2007 pure brilliance . Very large contrast to molitva but verka in my eyes really won the contest despite marija’s classiness

  2. A great Eurovision classic for me is ‘Eres Tú’ by Mocedades which came 2nd for Spain 1973. This song always tugs at my heartstrings and their very emotional appearance on stage at the 50th Anniversary ‘Congratulations’ show from Copenhagen in 2005 was very memorable. Three members of the group, at various times over the years, passed away in 2005 and this was clearly evident in the very respectful standing ovation by the audience on the night. This song is one of the many classic songs from my favoutite era, the 1970s, especially 1970 to 1974.

    The Irish entry that always makes me smile is ‘Wages of Love’ by Muriel Day from 1969. She really gave it wellie that year and although it’s certainly not the best song ever, I always enjoy the performance. A personal favourite doesn’t necessarily have to be a great song.

    Another song that makes me smile is ‘Congratulations’ by Silvia Night for Iceland from 2006. It was all very busy and very car crash but for me it was a fun song (and probably got the result it deserved).

  3. For the beauty of the song and the her nice performance, Lusitana paixao by Dulce Pontes might be my favorite portuguese entry ever. Each time I warch it on Youtube, it makes me feel like the first time i heard it, back on the day of the eurovision final in 1991 (even if I was very angry at Amina’s being robbed) : Dulce had the best song to me, and I am still listening to it now, whereas I don’t especially listen to Amina’s (and almost never Carola’s).

    As a funny performance, i will always remember Alla Pugacheva’s one in 1997. She was acting like a diva on stage, but like a witch diva, I’d rather say, with her always touching her hair and playing with it and moving with much emphasis. I did like her song too, but the performance more actually. I think it was the last time we had the chance to hear a somewhat russianlike melody and intrumentalisation at Eurovision. I want more of this, and less americanlike performances for Russia, like this year, because it brings really nothing to me ! I want the original Russia, not a copy of America.

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