Eurovision Finals 2013

Danny Saucedo’s New Song and Video released

Danny Saucedo - New video released to accompany his new song "Todo El Mundo". Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Danny Saucedo – New video released to accompany his new song “Todo El Mundo”. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

We reported last week that Melodifestivalen’s favorite “Bridesmaid” Danny Saucedo had a new song about to be released – the summer sounding  “Todo El Mundo (Dancing In The Streets)” – which is hoped to launch Danny in South America and further strengthen his place in the Scandinavian Pop Charts.

Well we have his new video which sees him doing the tried and tested singing on the Venice Beach strip in LA with passers-by. However on closer inspection – in the name of research of course – there are several Melodifestivalen dancers accompanying Danny in the video along with certainly some genuine members of the public – you will see who we are talking of.

The song is full of Latin flavor with a hint of “No Mercy” – do you remember that Latin Boy band who had that huge European hit “Where do you go” – think that and you are on a similar music vibe.

Danny’s song is now available to download on i-tunes and he has promoted the song in Sweden recently. Here is his live performance of the song at the Rix Fm Festival in Jönköping on 8 Juni 2013

And then again he performed an acoustic version on the Swedish tv show “Nyhetsmorgon”

At this stage in the article you should be all Danny’d out and “Dancing in the Streets” – well if he came towards me on the beach I would not have been camera-shy. I am ready for my close up!

Could this song and video take Danny to mainland European Charts?

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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