Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

France – Second Rehearsal – on Video

France first Eurovision Rehearsal. Photograph courtesy of - Dennis Stachel (EBU)

France first Eurovision Rehearsal. Photograph courtesy of – Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Amandine takes to the stage in her second rehearsal

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garrett’s View

Amandine is in a stunning black short dress with leather tassles that looks highly effective when she begins to rock out in the song. Still the hot sensual and steamy cauldron effect that has me hot under the collar. I am loving this yet thinks that it may struggle with tele votes but the juries will love it. I want to be a cheeky devil after watching this performance!!

Andrew’s view

This is looking and sounding great. Amandine is in good voice again today and really rocks out this song as it gets going. Good lighting and stage presence. I actually think France could do better than I originally expected. Possibly 15-20th position on Saturday. A word of caution Garrett can be a cheeky devil before during or after this.

Co authors Editor in chief Garrett Mulhall and Andrew Main

Source Eurovision Ireland.

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  1. Every year France is among my favorites. This year, is without doubt IMO the best French entry in years. I love the rawness of this. Her passion is incredible and she sells this song as it has to be sold – with raw sex appeal. Amazing outfit and just the perfect staging and backdrop. I feel like I’m in a Paris nightclub. My top 3 for Saturday. I would be very happy for a Last Tango In Paris next year 🙂 Bravo France!

  2. Cool down out there!! This song has grown on me though and there are no half naked dancers giants or expanding dresses thank God!

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