Second Eurovision Rehearsals – With Video Performances of Montenegro, Lithuania, Belarus and Moldova

Eurovision Ireland meet Montenegro's Eurovision 2013 Entrants "Who See and Nina"

Eurovision Ireland meet Montenegro’s Eurovision 2013 Entrants “Who See and Nina”

Second set of rehearsals at Eurovision 2013 for Montenegro, Lithuania, Belarus and Moldova. Here are the videos, our reviews and Eurovision Predictions for who will qualify for the Grand Final.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garrett’s View

Montenegro has been one of my favorite songs of Eurovision 2013. The staging is still the impressive “Space Odyssey” theme with Who See dressed in their Space Men Suits and the stunning Nina in her cyborg outfit. Nina has removed the eye piece which looks better. I would ensure though that she is lit up more as she appears lost on the stage in the first part of the song. bar that – I LOVE this and it has to make the final! Prediction – Montenegro will qualify

Elaine’s view

Everything about this is mad as a bucket of frogs but kinda cool. They manage to make space suits not look gimmicky. Who See are the group who have provided the song that I shouldn’t like but do. A green and yellow luminous background with spacemen and strobe lighting should not work – yet it does. The song however is totally marmite and I am not sure how many of the voting public will “get it”. I think this may miss out on the final.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garrett’s View

Same presentation as before. Pojvias is looking cool in his jeans and leather jacket. Sounding like a Coldplay album track this song is neither offensive or inspiring. I can’t get overly excited about this somewhat static performance. Good vocals and simple presentation I think this may get lost in the voting and miss the Grand Final.

Elaine’s view

Andreas has definitely calmed down the “eyebrowography” a little. This is a good little pop song and the performance is still the same as Monday’s which is a shame as it still looks very static. Lithuania have qualified for the last 2 years but this is a borderline song for me. Could go either way but at present I see it as a non qualifier.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garret’s View

If I did not know what country this was I would have said Greece as it echos of “My Secret Combination” and “My Aphrodisiac”. Alyona has been be-dazzled to an inch of her life! Blasts of fire bake the performance and I belive that even though we have had this genre of song at Eurovision before – it should still qualify for the final.

Elaine’s view

Well it’s definitely shiny!!!! Glitterball, glittery dress, glittery backing singers – what is it they say about “rolling in glitter?” To be fair it’s toe tappingly fantastic and a great floor filler but there really is not much substance to the song. Will it qualify? I am not convinced that it will.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garret’s view

Aliona has been the surprise package of this Semi Final as I had not rated the song before the contest. Aliona’s vocals are amazing and crystal clear. The fact that she is raised in her dress – even though this sounds like it shouldn’t work it does! Visually and Vocally stunning this is going to qualify.

Elaine’s view

Aliona Moon again gives a flawless vocal. This is the most improved song for me since I first heard it. The projection onto the dress is stunning and it is just a beautiful ballad. The lovely Pasha on the piano can never be a bad thing either. For me, this is into the final.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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