Eurovision 2013

Irish Party from Dusk til Dawn

Garrett and Elaine of Eurovision Ireland with Hannah from Slovenia at the Irish Delegation and Tourism Ireland's Celebrations

Garrett and Elaine of Eurovision Ireland with Hannah from Slovenia at the Irish Delegation and Tourism Ireland’s Celebrations

On Wednesday, Garrett and I headed to Fagan’s bar where we had been invited by The Irish delegation to attend the Tourism Ireland party in honor of Ryan Dolan and his participation at Eurovision this year in Sweden. There were members of delegations from Russia, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovenia and Ireland preset and we were treated to a feast of good food, drink and lots of dancing singing and general frolicking. Ryan Dolan performed his song Only Love Survives and put in another great performance.

The highlight for me was getting asked up to join the Irish dancers in a square dance – a highlight until I realised that the other people chosen were Aliona from Moldova, Dina from Russia and Nina from Montenegro. It was a total hoot and there may be video evidence circulating around on Facebook some where. (Garrett here – Yes Elaine our very good friends at ESCKaz again have come up trumps and have the video evidence of you dancing – thanks ESCKaz)

On asking one of the dancers how I ended up getting chosen when everyone else was from a delegation, I was met with this response “Ah see the rest of the boys went for the stunning girls, I went for someone who looked like they were enjoying them self!” – now there is a backhanded compliment for ya!!!

The party moved on down to the Euroclub where we spent many hours dancing away to the fabulous Eurovision tunes of DJ Ohrmeister. Again we were in the company of Team Ireland – minus Ryan who was resting his vocals for his next rehearsal). There were several dance offs between the professional dancers and myself and Garrett. “Why Me, Euphoria and Every Way That I Can” were the music choices for the dance offs and I reckon we won them all – a particular highlight being our synchronised cartwheels to “Why Me”!!!!

It was refreshing to sit and chat to some of the Irish Eurovision team about football. Over here the boys tend not to be that interested and when I woke to the news that “Fergie” had retired they thought I meant Fergie from The Black Eyes Peas – says it all really. The guys and girls of the Irish delegation were great craic and I think were impressed with our dancing prowess. The “evening” came to a close at around 4am when we were unceremoniously ejected from the building. The dancing had taken it’s toll and the boots were off for a bare footed walk home. I slumped into my freshly mad bed and reflected on one of my favourite Eurovision days to date –

Massive thanks to The Irish Delegation and Tourism Ireland.

Garrett here – first a huge thanks to The Irish Delegation and Tourism Ireland for inviting “Eurovision Ireland” to their celebrations for Ireland and Eurovision 2013. Also a huge thanks to “Team Ryan” who have been wonderful with their time over the past few months with us here at Eurovision Ireland.

Well thankfully I have made sure that all video evidence of my bad dancing have been kept secret – so thanks to ESCKaz for being good to me – the cheque is in the post guys. Like Elaine, last night was one of the best Eurovision nights I have ever had – without a single Jury or televote awarded. Team Ireland were one of the most liked and popular delegations in Malmo so far. The choreographer for Ireland – Ciaran – even gave Elaine and myself full dance lessons on how to perfect “Only Love Survives”. As people will know – Elaine and I are professional free stylers but we paid attention and can say that if Ireland is short of a dancer on Tuesday evening – we are ready and waiting for that call Ryan!

One of my personal highlights was meeting Dina from Russia, Hannah from Slovenia, Aliona and Pasha from Moldova and the wonderful Who See and Nina from Montenegro. Having been a huge fan of “Who See” over the past few years it was a personal highlight for me to meet the men from Montenegro. I had interviewed them a few weeks prior to Eurovision so it was great that they remembered “Eurovision Ireland”. I just bowed to them and said “I am not worthy”. They were great fun and they even knew some of Ryan’s dance routine and song – so I was so impressed.

Eurovision Ireland meet Montenegro's Eurovision 2013 Entrants "Who See and Nina"

Eurovision Ireland meet Montenegro’s Eurovision 2013 Entrants “Who See and Nina”

However the highlight of the night was Ryan’s live performance of “Only Love Survives” that had the entire party on their feet. Again a big thanks to our friends at ESCKaz for sharing their video of Ryan’s performance.

Remember that tomorrow will be Ryan’s second rehearsal in the Eurovision Stage. We will be there to bring you the up to date news on the how Team Ireland goes.

Garrett and Elaine Signing out

Source – Eurovision Ireland and ESCKaz

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