Eurovision 2013

Greece First Rehearsal – Alcohol is Free and Fabulous!

Greece Eurovision Entrants 2013 - Picture courtesy of YouTube

Greece Eurovision Entrants 2013 – Picture courtesy of YouTube

Koza Mostra & Agathonas Lakovidis are on the stage for the first Eurovision rehearsal of “Alcohol is Free”. After a long and fun night at Euroclub – where the Alcohol was NOT free – I certainly needed to be woken up and the Greek Team have certainly done that! What an energetic start to the day’s rehearsals!

This has always been a song that has divided fans. Some like it and others don’t. The is Ska music that is reminiscent of bands like “Madness” from the 1980’s and I have enjoyed the energy that the guys have brought to the stage. They look like they are having fun and you cannot help but smile at their performance.

Agathonas remains the Father of the proceedings and his serious look that he casts over the young Koza Mostra troop is wonderful. The vocals were perfect and the dance routine is engaging. You cannot help but think that for the viewer sitting at home having their Eurovision parties will be jumping around their living rooms having a good time. I can see this going to the final and Top 10 if they can get the lighting right.

They tried several backdrops which ranged from horizontal stripes to blurred circles and in the colours of greens, whites, greys and whites. As this is a fun song I would go with a bright stage filled with whites and yellows and keep the wide-screen shots where they have them as the choreography that the band uses takes up the full stage and screen.

This song is now highly infections and will sail into the final and maintain Greece’s 100% qualifying record.

Job well done Greece

Author/Website co- founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. This is such a fun uplifting number and will certainly see Greece in the final again and deservedly so imo. Love the ska elements. Just hope they can lift their performance for the semi final otherwise good job.

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