Denmark – First Eurovision Rehearsal for Emille de Forest

Denmark Eurovision 2013 - First Rehearsal - Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

Denmark Eurovision 2013 – First Rehearsal – Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

The Eurovision 2013 favourite with the book makers – Denmark have just taken to the stage for their first rehearsal. It is exactly the same as they did in the national final. A similar cream dress that is slightly shorter, Emmille is again shoeless and her band members are dressed in their “Les Miserables” army costumes.

The stage is red – hurrah – not blue like all other countries. Starting from the floor like in the National Final, Emmille looked nervous and a little apprehensive. Vocally it was to her usual good standard and the band members were good and the lighting was good. You see where I am going with this – it is all “good” yet nothing exceptional. In the press hall she kept receiving applause from our fellow journalists.

There is no doubt that this song will make the Final and will be in the Top 5 yet to make the song something special -something else needs to come across in the performance. What s that? Some emotion and changes in the expressions on their faces would help. It all seems like a Students creating their favourite Glee moment. In the final rehearsal they showed the fire works that will be used in the live performance and they have gone for the fireworks that Azerbaijan had in Dusseldorf when they won with “Running Scared” – throw into that gold and red glitter confetti and you have the climax of the song.

The highlight of the performance for people was when Emmille got her camera angles wrong and she ended up with her back to the camera for a few seconds. This drew laughter from the Press Hall. However I guess that being the contest favourite for so long is playing on her mind. Is it looking like a winner at the moment? No would have to be the answer.

Author/Website-Co founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Flutes, Drums. If this was an Irish entry people would moan that we were at it again (especially on another site I won’t mention) so I don’t get the over enthusiastic response to it. However I do like it (no.4 on my favourites list) It’s just not as original as some people keep saying. I wouldn’t mind it winning but would rather it didn’t.

  2. “It all seems like a Students creating their favourite Glee moment.”

    LOL. I loved this line.

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