Croatia 2013

Croatia – Klapa S Mora – First Dress Rehearsal

Croatia 2013

Croatia and the group “Klapa S Mora” take to the stage and the stage is – yes BLUE with a hint of red. Some country needs to look at a rainbow for inspiration. Croatia use that Eurovision Classic Tradition of standing 2 foot away from each other and shouting to each other.

All member of the group are dressed in black emroiderd traditional Klapa costumes which looks very well on camera. Where this song is let down is on the performance aspect. When the instrumental part of the song comes – all band member lower their heads slightly and stand still like a game of “moving statues”. It looks as it someone has died on stage and they hanging their heads paying their last respects.

What is interesting to note is that we all knew these men could sing – but you can imagine our surprise that they were at times off key as they were clearly trying to outdo each other in the vocal gymnastics.

The lead singer is charismatic on camera and adds something to the performance but the other band members need to engage the camera which they are not doing at all!! As they went through their 4 rehearsals they got better but they need to remember that they have to work the camera – which they are not doing at all and therefore look stilted and out of their depth.

This can be salvaged and can make the final with some votes from their many neighbours in this Semi Final.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Nicely sung but they need an injection of charisma to help them work that camera. Did one even have his back to the audience at one point?

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