Eurovision National Finals 2013

New Members of the Irish Eurovision Jury

Emma O'Driscoll - Former Irish Eurovision Jury Member. (Photograph courtesy of friends.mic)

Emma O’Driscoll – Former Irish Eurovision Jury Member. (Photograph courtesy of friends.mic)

Each country at Eurovision must have a 5 member expert Jury to cast their votes in the Semi Finals and Grand Final. For the last few years the members of the Irish Jury have included Emma O’Driscoll (Singer and Presenter), Bill Hughes (Music/Television and Entertainment Producer) and Paul Harrington (Singer/Song Writer and 1994 Eurovision Winner).

Eurovision Ireland has learned that there will be some new Jury members for Ireland this year. What is known that under EBU guidelines the Jury should have experts from the music industry that represent varying age and gender demographics. So who will RTE have for their Jury?

Bill Hughes - Irish Music/Television and Entertainment Producer. Photographic courtesy of

Bill Hughes – Irish Music/Television and Entertainment Producer. Photographic courtesy of

Those details will not be released until after the Eurovision itself so to avoid any possible influence being placed on the members. Who do you think would be good Jury Members for Ireland?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Aodhancfc92)

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I would totally agree with Martin…some ordinary people along with the industry “professionals” would be good……

    I also think people with a DISTINCT interest in Eurovision…Not anoraks like us…but people who enjoy the 3 shows a year…

    having said that I wouldnt mind getting on that jury.

    Please do not have people like the Irish National Final panel…..All fine people don’t get me wrong…But talk about having no convictions/opinions. ????

  2. I think this whole ‘expert’ jury is very contentious. Who on earth decides that they are ‘experts’ and does being involved in the music business make you one? Hmm, I don’t agree. A jury in a court is made up of ordinary people and they must decide more pressing issues than the winners of a song contest.I think the jury of Eurovision should also include ordinary members of the public or at least some who are fans of the contest. Am glad I managed to be a member of the Irish jury (semi final 2008 ) before this nonsense rule was brought in. Good luck to them anyways, they’ll certainly come in for some criticism however they decide to vote, it’s the nature of the beast.

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