Eurovision National Finals 2013

“Scandipop” Host Eurovision Eve night at Euro Cafe in Malmo

Scandipop will host a Eurovision Party at Euro Cafe in Malmo on May 17th. Photograph courtesy of

Scandipop will host a Eurovision Party at Euro Cafe in Malmo on May 17th. Photograph courtesy of

One of our favorite music sites – Scandipop – have announced that they will be hosting a Eurovision/Scandipop night in Malmo on the eve of the Eurovision Final. In cooperation with Moriska Paviljongen (also known as “Moriskan”, and this year’s official Euro Café) they will be hosting a club and concert night. Friday May 17th from 9pm until 5am there will be both Melodifestivalen stars and Scandipop music galore.

The night will feature Scandi Pop, Melodifestivalen, Schlager and of course Eurovision Music. If that was not enough they have confirmed 3 former Melodifestivalen contestants will be performing at the event.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of GilVlzo)

Eddie Razaz who is a former Swedish Idol contestant and Melodifestivalen debuting artist this year with the song “Alibi”, will be the first guest performer at the Scandipop event.

Next performers are the “Stockholm Syndrome” girls. In case you may not recognise the name they have performed at Melodifestivalen under the guise of Love Generation with the songs ‘Dance Alone’ in 2011 and ‘Just A Little Bit’ in 2012.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Viccegunde94)

Last but by no means least is the group “Pay TV” whi performed at Melodifestivalen in 2004 with “Trendy Discotheque” and 2005 with “Refrain Refrain”. This will be one of their first performances in many years as they are reforming for the event.

(YouTube Video courtesy of Primadonna11)

Entrance to the Scandipop night is free, if you’ve got a pass for the venue. Moriskan’s pass allows entry to ALL 50 events that are taking place, and there’s a separate pricing structure for accredited fans, press, and members of the public. Full details on the Moriskan Pass, the events and the venue itself can be found on the below link

If Schlager, Melodifestivalen, Scandi and Eurovision music is your thing – than you cannot afford to miss this night!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Scandipop

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